Tehran’s Wall 47

After raising the issue of Tehran’s Wall 47, located on the western side of District 12 City Park, on the “Good People of the City” live show and the exceptional sensitivity of the “Parsineh” Telegram channel and the widespread broadcast of news on various Telegram channels and reputable media, Tehran Municipality District 12 got informed about the issue and after a few days of consultation, painted and repaired the walls in an admirable action and returned them to us. The walls are now ready for operation.
I find it necessary to thank the officials of Municipality District 12 who kept their word responsibly. I should let them know that we still need their support to maintain our walls, and I request that this cooperation be mutual and continuous. Also, I thank the respected and compassionate people of the “Good People of the City” live show, the responsible coordinator, Ms. Bahrami, and the esteemed host, Mr. Solouki, who cooperated with me in this regard, and finally, I would like to thank God, the almighty.

Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh
«President of Down Syndrome foundation of Iran
Founder & CEO of Down Syndrome Division in Cellular-Molecular Research Center at IUMS
Founder & CEO of “Wall47” :
Project Executive Director of Research at Ruhglobal.com
Iran Leader at Billion-strong.org
Global Ambassador of Down Syndrome Association of Mauritius»