The opening of : “WALL 193— ” in Tehran; A memorial of the Aktion T4 genocide

PEJournal – After three years of research on *Aktion T4*, the most extensive systematic genocide of the disabled in human history, we decided to build a memorial in the central part of the capital, located in the largest park of Tehran. The name of this memorial is * Wall 193—-*; because the Aktion T4 genocide that took place in 1939 is the most significant black mark against the disabled. Hitler eliminated 400,000 disabled people from his country with the aim of *eugenics*. This atrocity was so devastating that with the voices and innocent faces of the victims of *AktionT4* in mind, it is difficult to pick up a pen and write 1939. Perhaps it would be convenient to write 193—-

Founder: Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh
President of Down Syndrome foundation of Iran
Founder & CEO of Down Syndrome Division in Cellular-Molecular Research Center at IUMS
Founder & CEO of “Wall47” :
Project Executive Director of Research at
Iran Leader at
Global Ambassador of Down Syndrome Association of Mauritius