Why tents risen at Gaza border?

As nearly 7 months have passed since the Zionist’s crime in the Gaza Strip and the repeated failures of the regime’s leaders in achieving their perceived goals, the efforts of Zionist settlers to return to settlements bordering Gaza have intensified in protest of the current situation.

The crimes and genocide of the Zionist regime were in their seventh month when, in a remarkable turn of events, a group of Israeli settlers announced that on April 25, simultaneous with Passover (also called Pesach) they would set up tents at the nearest point of the Gaza border for the immediate return of residents of border areas to their homes. This comes after Israeli regime leaders ordered residents of villages and settlements bordering Gaza to evacuate their homes after the Operation Al-Aqsa storm, and now, after 7 months, the return to previous settlement locations has become a primary demand of the displaced settlers.  

This behavior of Zionist settlers is not merely a strategy aimed at establishing security and Zionist dominance over these areas, but stems from a protest movement against the policies of the leaders of this regime, revealing new dimensions of protests and heavy social pressures on the Netanyahu’s regime.

Meanwhile, polls conducted by Zionist media outlets indicate that 71% of residents of occupied territories demand the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu; street protests against him continue, and families of the Zionists captives demand on a daily basis an immediate ceasefire and exchange of prisoners through demonstrations of tens of thousands.

In this regard, Ofer Shelah, a former member of the Israeli Knesset, criticized Netanyahu’s failed policies, stating: “Netanyahu talks vain words and boasts of victory and the defeat of Hamas in Rafah, but Israelis, due to lack of trust in the ability of government management on one hand, and the incapable army on the other, see a completely bleak future of this war and have even rushed to shopping malls to secure water and food supplies for the coming months.”

The Zionist newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth also wrote, some Zionist army officers believe that the defeat of Hamas will not be achieved soon, and at best, the defeat of Hamas is unattainable before 2027.

From these reactions and protest behaviors, it can be understood that the genocide and crimes of the Zionist regime, which were carried out as a trick against Palestinian resistance and to provoke Gaza residents against the resistance, have not only failed but have also trapped the Zionists themselves.

Protests against the leaders of Western countries, supporters of the crimes of the Zionist regime, which have created false self-confidence in Netanyahu, are continuously visible; as evidenced by a recent survey conducted by the YouGov research institute from April 6 to 9, most Americans believe that the Zionist regime has committed genocide against Palestinians and that the United States government should reduce its military aid to this regime. Earlier, 40 members of the US Congress asked Biden in a letter to stop arms sales to the Zionist regime and condition Washington’s aid to this regime.

Additionally, the English group known as Youth Demand, which supports “sanctions on Israeli arms,” in a message in X account wrote: “The ministry does not defend, it murders”.”

Alongside the domestic crisis of the Zionist regime and the increasing hatred for this regime within Western societies, it serves as a warning bell for leaders of countries such as the United States, Germany, and the UK, that have so far wholeheartedly supported this infanticide regime. A warning bell that could even incur heavy political costs for figures like Biden, Scholz, and Sunak, and increase the costs of supporting Netanyahu’s insane behavior until complete defeat in political campaigns and elections.