Electoral exploitation of Afghanistan peace talks

Electoral exploitation of Afghanistan peace talks

PEJOURNAL – The head of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Studies said that the US government debt, which has reached more than $ 22 trillion, and the US government’s $ 3 trillion budget deficit are among the issues that will affect the results of the presidential election.

“The Trump administration is trying to use the negotiations between the Afghans and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan for electoral purposes,” Leonid Ivashov said, adding that the trigger mechanism (snapback) had led to international isolation and frustration with the United States.

“It is unlikely that the United States will not live up to its promise to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after the presidential election because Washington wants to use the Taliban for its own purposes,” he said.

“In the run-up to the presidential election, a number of US troops may be withdrawn from Iraq to tell the American people that he has kept all his promises in 2016,” he said.

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