Iran’s National Security Council’s Spokesman: The cause for incident on Thursday morning in Natanz nuclear site has been determined

Keyvan Khosravi, spokesman for the Secretariat of Iran’s the Supreme National Security Council, said: “Technical and security investigations, carried out by the relevant agencies, have accurately determined the cause of the accident at the Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Nuclear Complex in Natanz, which took place on the morning of Thursday, July 12.”

Referring to the presence and activity of experts from different departments responsible for evaluating and investigating the incident in Natanz nuclear site, started from the first hours of the incident, he noted: “Different hypotheses about the cause of this incident with careful analysis of the works, manner and extent of destruction has been investigated and the main cause of the incident have been fully determined.

Khosravi added: due to some security considerations, the cause of this incident and the way it happened will be announced in due time.

He concluded by emphasizing the limited damage to the shed under construction at the Natanz Nuclear Complex, adding that there were no nuclear materials at the scene so that the issue of radioactive material leaks was completely ruled out.