Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim: The movement will continue until we have achieved our goals and the ruling class pays no attention to it.

Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim: The movement will continue until we have achieved our goals and the ruling class pays no attention to it.

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, leader of Islamic Movement of Bahrain, said last night at the ceremony marking the tenth anniversary of Bahraini People’s movement against the dictatorial regime, which was held in a virtual manner: ,In the shadow of Arab Spring, a popular movement for change or a peaceful mode was launched in Bahrain, aiming at a reformist and serious change.

He added: “It is the right of every people to rise up to regain their rights and dignity.” But the ruling apparatus lost its peace and in its mad reaction violated all the rules of religion and conscience and international law and shed the blood of the innocent and broke all the sanctities and none of the sacred things were safe from them.

The leader of the movement Bahraini Shia stated, ” The Bahraini regime wanted to determine the fate of the nation as it pleased, and no voice of protest or opposition was raised and no one heard it. But neither the brutal and excessive clashes, nor the internal and external fighting forces, nor the colonial army and security forces, nor the inhumane methods, including torture, nor the atmosphere of terror, could silence the voice of the nation and calm its protest.

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim said, “The nation continues to insist on its principles and continues its peaceful movement.” No matter how much time this flow takes, and no matter how much it costs, and no matter what circumstances arise, this flow will continue, and this nation will continue its movement to get itself out of trouble.

He stated, ” Destruction, chaos, and the replacement of one oppressor with another oppressor and one oppressed with another oppressed have not been and will not be the motive of this movement. Rather, the aim of this reform movement is to radically and seriously correct the present situation, to restore the relationship between the nation and the ruling apparatus, and to put an end to the idea that the system of absolute sovereignty has an unlimited right to command and forbid, and the position of the nation , is the place of servitude and must always listen and obey, and if he wants to interfere in matters related to his own destiny and involving his life and humanity, he will be condemned.

Sheikh Isa Qassim stated, ” Whoever wants to rule over the people must have permission from God. The Bahraini movement is committed to a just government, free from overthrows, dismissals and installations that have no rational or religious acceptance. We seek a free and clean homeland that is not a farm of corruption and corrupters and lawbreakers, and a country that is not a pasture for immorality and Chinese conspiracy against the nation.

We do not want a country whose people are divided into two groups, masters and slaves, or non-Arab, Shiite and non- Shiite Arab groups. We want Bahrain to be the scene of a brotherhood with a strong patriotic faith that gives its inhabitants security, power, dignity and prosperity, strength and common and dignified progress.

Sheikh Isa Qassim: We stand by the principles of 10 years ago:

He stated, ” The supporters of this movement have stood on the principles they have insisted on for ten years. The demonstrators are determined to stand in this way until this goal is achieved. No matter how long it takes and no matter how difficult it is, we stand by it. The stability of the protesters is not just for one, two or three decades, but the position of all protesters is to stand until victory. That is what was raised in this year’s common slogan.

He said, “During these years, methods of pressure, including imprisonment and torture, as well as suppression of religious freedom and expression and deprivation of citizenship, have been used by the government.” The people are either in prison or under tremendous pressure outside of prison. All the protesters and the ruling party insist on their position.

The leader of the Shia movement in Bahrain said, “On one hand, no new issue has emerged in the nation’s demands and the nation has not backed down from its demands.” adds. So far, the government has not shown any compliance. This year, the regime has exceeded all limits, that is, it has not only violated the rights and dignity of the nation, but has also fallen into the unity and expediency of its present and future and committed its criminal acts.

Referring to the betrayal of normalizing relations with the Zionist enemy, he said, “Normalizing relations with the Zionist enemy and strengthening Israel and the treaty, which means making a pact with the enemy of the nation against the nation.” This widened the gap between the system on one side and the nation and the Ummah on the other.

The principles of the Islamic Bahraini movement:

He added: “This movement was created for the unity of the motherland and not to destroy the right to life of others.” This movement is for the protection of all rights that God Almighty has recognized as valid for human rights and has given them to His creation, which is in accordance with His dignity and high responsibility. This movement does not consider terrorism a reform, it does not consider terrorism permissible, and it does not want to plunge society into a vortex of violence. This movement does not violate rights and does not violate sanctity.

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim said, “Human dignity is not forgotten in this movement and it does not get involved in a deal with which religion is not satisfied.” This is the path that all demonstrators, including the leaders and the masses, must maintain in all movements of the movement and its twists and turns. As long as we do not achieve the goals and the ruling class does not pay attention to it, the movement will continue and it will be forbidden to forget it.

He reminded: the end of the movement is when this movement achieves victory and the victory of the movement is with those reforms and nothing else. The day this reform movement was launched, he knew that there was a long way to go and the difficulties of this path were many, and he had to offer hard and painful sacrifices because he knew that the other side was the oppressor. Because if the movement was to stop in these sufferings, entering it was foolish from the beginning, because these sufferings are the natural tax of this path.

The leader of the Bahraini Shia movement said: “Today, the protesters have the same initial determination and their efforts are increasing day by day.” True reform is a reform that goes in the right direction and replaces unity. We want a reform that really restores the position of the nation between the government and the nation.

Contrary to what dictatorial regimes think, our nation has the first and last say in matters that are about its destiny, and these matters depend on the satisfaction of the nation. The desired reform is a reform that in this political situation does not cause the spread of hatred between religions and does not allow the politics of religions to trample on any of the popular groups.

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim reminded: he must accept the authority of the nation in this matter according to the constitution and in all pillars of the government and its institutions. We must also benefit from a constitution resulting from a free and trustworthy revolution, and eliminate our shortcomings and backwardness, and improve the condition of the nation, and improve the infrastructure and relations that are in a bad state in this country.

He said: “The constitution should be based on the interests and will of the people, and the three forces should also perform their duties towards the nation.” Any reform is not lower than the level of reform for which the movement was created, and all the blood and pain of the girls and boys of the homeland in prison, exile, orphaning children, widowhood, deprivation of education, poverty and terror. Anxiety and losses and widespread religious and worldly losses in it. These are things that happened through politics that did not refrain from interacting with the nation during this movement.

Sheikh Isa Qassim reminded: “After talking about the Bahraini movement, we need to address two other very important axes that have been going on for a long time, this region but also the whole Arab world and the Islamic world because it is very important.” The first is Iran’s nuclear program, which violated Trump’s foolish policy and continued to impose tough sanctions on Iran. Sanctions that can naturally bring a country to its knees. However, these sanctions failed with their devastating and painful effects on the faith and the resilient nation of Iran.

He said: “Of course, it is possible that the United States will return to this treaty under the shadow of President Biden’s policy after Trump, and this issue threatens the selfishness of the United States and its evil allies.”

Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim added: “The second case is the case of the house-burning war against the heroic, patient and devoted nation of Yemen.” The Yemeni nation has stood firm in its path. What is new about this phenomenon is that this brutal and useless war is expected to end. A war whose instigators and supporters have realized its futility. They know that this war is nothing but destruction and killing on both sides of the conflict.

He said: “If the United States returns to the nuclear deal and removes sanctions and the Yemeni war is completely over and the borders are calm and deep peace takes the place of war and the Yemeni people are compensated and its infrastructure is paid To be complete, this victory is the victory of the Arab world and the Islamic nation. This is an opportunity to advance and make up for the backwardness caused by wars and devastation.

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