The end of American dominance and its bloody empire seems ahead this decade

BY: Martin Love

The end of American dominance and its bloody empire seems ahead this decade

PEJOURNAL – The United States is insolvent and the dollar is at extreme risk, some financial experts insist, of losing its worldwide reserve currency status. That may eventually ensure the end of the so-called U.S. military “empire” across the globe.

Donald Trump is back to bloviating on Twitter after what amounted to a weekend at Walter Reed Hospital in what must be one of the shortest alleged bouts with Covid 19 ever.

Yes he did receive the best drugs and the most advanced steroids available to “cure” corona virus (via a team of some 30 doctors) that no one can be absolutely confident he really had. Was it all for show to try to squeeze a few more voters for the November election? And this is a person who, at age 74, out of shape and corpulent, was not a likely candidate for a very short engagement with the virus that has killed more than 220,000 Americans. And the Trump Administration, or Trump himself, is largely responsible for most of the ongoing deaths.

But one thing is apparent. Whatever drugs Trump was given, especially the steroids, warped his judgement (if that were possible) even more than it has been warped since he was elected POTUS. What may be dawning on voters and giving an edge to Joe Biden now is that he did not declare he had a positive test for the virus when he should have, and he is responsible ultimately for infecting quite a number (over 30) people in his administration and others, like various members of the press corps, working in and around the White House.

And to make matters worse, even when he was at Walter Reed, he insisted on grabbing some Secret Service staff and putting them in an SUV and going on a joy ride to wave to his supporters on the streets outside. And when he returned to the White House on Monday, October 5th, the first thing he did was go to a White House balcony and rip off his face mask in an act of pure defiance and declare that Americans ought not to allow Covid 19 to “dominate” their lives, or what’s left of their lives.

Tell that to the hundreds of thousands who have died or their family members and other relatives, or to the scores of millions who have lost their jobs and their financial savings since last winter! Trump may well with his narcissistic stunts have lost a good many of his followers, and Biden did seem to get a boost in the election polls, which still looks like a toss-up. This election in early November is probably the most important since 1860, just before the Civil War in the U.S. And it’s an election that no matter which way it my appear to have gone, is going to be contested into a U.S. Constitutional crisis.

Trump must be thinking that he could eventually wind up in jail along with some other members of his administration if he does not “win” the election. Rejection is NOT something narcissists can stomach and tax fraud may be the least of the charges he might face as the ex-POTUS.

As for Joe Biden, several polls have demonstrated that a majority of unhappy Americans believe nothing much will change for the better if he wins the election, since the Democratic Party did put up the weakest, least visionary, least courageous and probably the most senile of the various candidates who ran for the party’s nomination. But on the other hand Biden is going to be forced by wiser party members especially in Congress like Sen. Bernie Sanders to enact at least some positive changes that so far Biden has not openly endorsed.

If the Democratic Party and take back the Senate, yes there will be legislative changes and at least some of the crusty old obstructionist Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky will have been dumped, and good riddance to them.

But of course there are some other factors working against the status quo, especially with respect to foreign policies, that may marginally improve the outlook for countries like Iran that have been targeted for “regime change” if not outright dissolution by sanctions and war threats. Biden has claimed for example that the U.S. could rejoin the JCPOA in some fashion that may or may not be acceptable to the Islamic Republic. Rejoining the JCPOA of course MUST be accompanied by the end of sanctions against beleaguered Iran.

Biden also has been claiming he’s a bigger supporter of the nasty Apartheid entity (“Israel”) that even Trump, but one has to wonder if this is just a ploy to secure more of the Zionist vote in the U.S. and that he could prove more flexible if he becomes President.

A majority of Democrat voters apparently are FOR making aid to the Zionist entity marginally conditional on the Zionists making the plight of the Palestinians less onerous and vindictive. The fact that some legislation in Congress has been circulating to make the U.S. first get Israeli approval before various arms can be sold to the U.A.E. or Bahrain is so outrageous and unprecedented that many Americans are appalled.

This legislation, if enacted, amounts to the U.S. essentially giving up its sovereignty to the Zionists! Americans, once they see and understand this move, are not likely to countenance it. It’s a step way too far. And in Israel itself, there have been demonstrations against the corruption indicted Bibi Netanyahu. Some very vocal Israelis want him gone forever from political power.

But the biggest factor against the status quo in the U.S. is simply this: the country is insolvent and the dollar is at extreme risk, some financial experts insist, of falling 35 or more percent and ultimately losing its worldwide reserve currency status. That alone may eventually ensure the end of the so-called U.S. military “empire” across the globe and it will be a welcome relief to most all of humanity.

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