This is a coxxidiot

Original column BY: Clara Carluccio

Translation BY: Costantino Ceoldo

This is a coxxidiot

PEJOURNAL – They write to us with their usual arrogance, of those who despise those who propose alternative versions of the facts. They are the ones who keep in mind the numbers repeated every day, for a year, like a voodoo formula. Those who walk down the street and complain about “too many people around”, because only they can have the right to go shopping, buy the newspaper, walk an hour or two.

They are the ones who spy, when they see people too close, or worse, laughing and having fun, because apparently they improvise informers for the good of the human species, in reality they would just like to see each individual suffer from boredom and loneliness, as happened to them, even before.

After a year of imprisonment and cheerful motivational refrains, they begin to perceive, always distantly of course, that something is not going well. “And let’s hear” always begins like this, the average braggart who begins to get it on, “Since you know everything, what’s the story of vaccine deaths?”. Poor things: after having accused us of paranoia, conspiracy and denial, come right to us to ask for explanations.

“You’re a denier,” one of those who support lockdowns told me, happy to live all day with his vulva-shaped masturbation tube. “Your mind is so denier that it would deny even you are denying.”

Their brains are now full of these calcified, sophistically twisted hernias. And when I replied that I am not a denier, because I went sick of COVID myself, having worked in a nursing home, in full emergency, he replied “You see? You didn’t get it hard enough… You deserve it”.

These people, after having indulged the psychological torture, the totally illegal regime of surveillance and imprisonment, are not having a redemption. No, they fear only for their miserable life.

They were already lined up with their stupid enthusiasm under the primrose marquee [1], to be injected with filth believing they would achieve immortality and come out happy wearing proof of their civic sense, the “I did it” badge.

Until recently, if they was reminded of the series of nervous breakdowns, suicides, abuse of psychiatric drugs, increased aggression, depressed children, these idiots did not blink an eye.

Death is no longer the end of everything, the point of no return, they are selling it to us as any side effect. The important thing is to get vaccinated. To risk dying in order not to die.

Who knows why they did not praise this heroism before, when it was time to risk a fine in order not to lose our freedom, mental health and our entire existence.

[1] Vaccinating people inside some primrose-shaped marquee as sign of hope/rebirthing. This was an idea (aborted for the high cost of the structures) by former high commissioner for the emergency, Mr. Domenico Arcuri:

[Translator note: Clara Carluccio, Italian female blogger for “il Detonatore” is back again and tells us about the never-ending difficulties of dealing with the COVIDiots’ family. Our sweet Homeland is still locked down, despite a new government and the growing number of evidences that lockdowns produce more harm than good]