Washington and Trump keep digging a hole for America

BY: Martin Love

Washington and Trump keep digging a hole for America

PEJOURNAL – Where the hell are the Skripals who allegedly were poisoned by Novichok? There have apparently been no reports of their whereabouts nor any interviews of them in the years since they allegedly were poisoned in Salisbury. Now we also have the Germans questioning whether to use the almost completed Nordstream 2 pipeline and Alexei Navalny, an insignificant agitator against Putin with almost nil support in Russia, is in Germany where Merkel is claiming he was indeed poisoned. What or who got under Merkel’s bonnet to result in what seems like a belated, false charge? If anyone, of course, it’s the U.S. under Trump, desperate to see Russia fail.

And if that wasn’t enough bad news, riots and violence continue in the U.S. in major cities, divisions have never been so rampant since the Civil War in the 19th century, and the UAE/Israel accord is being trumpeted as some sort of major breakthrough for “peace” in the Middle East to appeal to Trump’s ignorant base of voters.

But at least other Persian Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia (having conceded Saudi airspace to Zionist aircraft), at least are claiming for now they won’t do what the UAE has done “normalizing” relations with the Israelis unless there is a real peace deal whereby the Zionists hand over the West Bank and East Jerusalem for a Palestinian state, as long envisioned by many Arabs whether Muslims or Christians.

Mike Pompeo, who has been dubbed the worst U.S. Secretary of State ever, made the ridiculous comment in an unprecedented and out of bounds speech from the roof of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem that the UAE has signed on to a deal “that our grandchildren will read about in their history books.” If they read about it at all it will be scored as yet another foreign policy abomination by the Trump gang.

Trump meanwhile came to North Carolina this past week and (illegally) urged people literally to vote (for him) twice, once in the voting booth and a second time by mail-in ballots. Biden has maintained a slight lead in the polls and some claim Trump is “desperate”. This latter is nothing new: since he’s been POTUS he’s made so many bad moves desperate to try to set himself up as King against “democracy”, albeit a fascist one, that it boggles the mind.

At the same time Trump has deployed a Postmaster General lackey, a North Carolina native, to hobble the U.S. postal service so that voters, during a Covid pandemic!, if they can vote at all (and they are rightfully leery of being in crowds for fear of infection), will see their absentee ballots delayed or canceled. Trump is also trying to force the emergence of a Covid 19 vaccine just before the election that many citizens likely will not accept unless forced.

On a better note, original or not, a widely traveled and knowledgeable older brother has been trying to contact the Democratic Party power brokers from his home in North Carolina to insist that Joe Biden NOT engage in any debates with Trump unless Trump releases his long-demanded tax returns which are sure to anger Americans whatever their political affiliation. He argues that Trump needs the debates more than Biden, but that disclosure would further reveal Trump as the serial liar he has always been.

Even now Trump’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania’s esteemed Wharton business school, is apparently questioning whether Trump hired someone to take aptitude tests every prospective student must take to gain admittance to higher education.

And to boot, the truly sad part of all of this Trump lawlessness and chicanery is that on top of it, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, his anointed running mate, are, out of a population of 320 million, far from being the best candidates the Democrats might have coughed up. But they are better, for the world maybe and even Iran, than Trump has ever been.

For one thing, old Joe Biden has vaguely indicated he may pull the U.S. back into the JCPOA. And he may as POTUS even re-establish some sort of official presence for the Palestinians allowing them some formal, official platform, both in Palestine and in the U.S. But at the same time Biden and Harris plan to continue giving the Zionists unconditional billions of dollars and they both have also rejected the BDS movement as “anti-Semitic”. This latter is the greatest manipulative ruse ever perpetrated by the Zionists this century on honest Western detractors, in particular on folks in England and the U.S.

Trump has also sanctioned the leading jurists at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. This is the sole court apparently that can still bring charges against U.S. and Israeli for war crimes and against their perpetrators. The move seems bound to anger the court and one can only hope Fatou Bensouda is not daunted and doubles down on efforts to charge the U.S. and Israelis and others for gross misdeeds these past decades.

Whatever, with all the rampant chaos and the raw maneuvering by “elites” of any stripe in the U.S. to maintain their control and advantages over 95 percent of Americans and foreign countries like Iran and Venezuela, which are suffering mightily, there remains the valid possibility of economic collapse in the U.S. and further dollar rejection by the world.

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