Rising unemployment and inefficiency crisis in The UK

Rising unemployment and inefficiency crisis in The UK

The UK is experiencing conditions these days that have affected the rate of hope for the future among the people of this country.

According to the UK Statistics Centre, the unemployment rate in the quarter ending November last year (2020) reached its highest level in nearly five years.

During this period, about 1.720,000 people were unemployed, indicating that 418,000 people added to the number of unemployed (mainly the age group of 25 to 34) compared to the previous year, and according to tax data, the number of salaries last month was about 828,000 fewer than in February 2020.

Although official sources in the Johnson administration believe that the reason for the situation is only related to the coronavirus, a set of factors appears to have shaped it and made the economy smaller by 2.6 percent.

The UK government has begun a new year, which has also exacerbated the atmosphere alongside the mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis, particularly in light of the escalation of English coronavirus, the government’s inability to resolve political crises, including Brexit, and London’s disputes with Scotland and Ireland.

From the point of view of managing the coronavirus pandemic crisis, The UK is one of the weakest countries, at least among the developed countries, claiming that the official statistics of the infected and its casualties in proportion to the population show a significant figure, and recently, according to the media, the country’s hospitals have experienced conditions similar to the war conditions. 

Regarding the impact of Brexit on these conditions, “Euronews” announced in a report based on official statistics that in the first week of January, the number of British nationals want to buy a home in Spain increased by 40%, linked to the country’s final exit from the European Union.

The situation comes as Boris Johnson’s government has lost a supporter on Brexit, Donald Trump, after the November 2020 US elections and is reproducing relations with the Democratic team in the next U.S. administration.

However, what he makes on social media from unofficial sources and public comments is that citizens blame the Johnson administration for months-long “secrecy” regarding the English virus mutation and lack of transparency about the coronavirus vaccine, particularly what happened with AstraZeneca company.

British citizens have officially blamed the official media for censoring facts in the government’s management crisis, accusing them of projecting superstitions.

Just a few weeks ago, British court media BBC published a detailed report on the “disappearance of the Queen of the Crows of the Tower of London” and stated that such a situation had been related to this issue!