A letter in support of down syndrome community to Amazon management

A letter in support of down syndrome community to Amazon management

PEJOURNAL – A group of communities and societies wrote a letter to Amazon website management in favour and support of down syndrome community.

The text is as follow:

Ban Amazon sellers inciting Down Syndrome hate speech

Dear Amazon
As you are aware, many people from the Down Syndrome Community have contacted Amazon repeatedly to remove offensive products inciting hate speech against people who have Down Syndrome, which is also against the UN declaration of human rights. Thank you for removing the products after receiving our complaints.

What we would like now is for you to find a way to stop these items being listed for sale on any Amazon platforms, and destroy any stock you may hold of these items for prime delivery. Hate crime is a serious issue and is on the rise against people with learning disabilities. We want to see companies who sell items on Amazon that incite hate speech against any minorities banned from ever selling on Amazon again.

We hope to see Amazon helping the Down Syndrome Community stand against hate crime. We would like to work with you on this and sincerely hope we hear from you soon regarding the matter of tightening up your policies, banning sellers who post these items and most importantly stopping them ever getting to the point of sale again.
Than you in advance for your support.

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