Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Iran paving the way for a leap in strategic relations

Al-Kadhimi's visit to Iran paving the way for a leap in strategic relations

PEJOURNAL – Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Tehran, according to the plans made, gained special dimensions through media, and thwarted the desperate attempt of the enemies to induce an inappropriate political atmosphere between two countries.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, who is in Iran on his first foreign trip as head of a high-level political, economic and security delegation, met with the Supreme Leader and other high-ranking officials of Iran.

This trip, was given special attention by domestic and international media due to the common interests between Tehran and Baghdad in the political, cultural, economic and regional fields; At the same time, it posed serious concerns for the United States and all its allies.

The strategic depth of relations and interests between the two countries basically does not allow the other to ignore either of these two actors in the Southwest Asia region and this trip also correctly showed this cohesion and coordination.

Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Tehran, following the path of positive interactions between the two countries after the overthrow of the Ba’athist regime, showed that the nation and the governments of the two countries emphasize the need for broad coordination and cooperation to resolve issues between them and they know the coordinate to counter threats and strengthen crucial points between Iran and Iraq is undeniable.

The American-Saudi-Zionist media and social networks, of course, over the past few days tried to dilute the achievements of this trip by inducing “Tehran’s attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq” and “the negative approach of the Iraqi government and people to strengthen relations with Iran.”

Al-Kadhimi’s face-to-face meeting with Supreme Leader of Iran

Al-Kadhimi's face-to-face meeting with Supreme Leader of Iran

Al-Kadhimi’s bilateral meetings and talks in Tehran, especially his face-to-face meeting with the Supreme Leader, invalidated the US scenario, and Grand Ayatollah Khamenei’s wise remarks on bilateral relations, the importance of interests, security, dignity, regional authority and improvement of the situation in Iraq practically, thwarted the Western plan to cast doubt on the relations between two countries.

In this meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized that Iran has never had and will not interfere in the affairs of Iraq, and said: “Contrary to the view of the Americans, who are seeking a government like the administration of Paul Bremer, the American ruler in the early days of Saddam’s fall, Iran wants a dignified, independent Iraq with territorial integrity and internal unity and cohesion.”

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution’s emphasis on Iran’s support for the Al-Kadhimi’s government, which was established with the valuable consensus of Iraqi political groups and currents, along with his advice to use popular support and great blessings such as Ayatollah Sistani and the popular mobilization ( Hashd al-Shabi ) to overcome problems, were other important points. He showed that what is important for Iran is the existence of a powerful and active Iraq inside and outside its borders and the position of Iraq as an important power in the Arab world and the Islamic world.

While Washington seeks to circumvent the law passed by the Iraqi parliament and continues to seek excuses to destabilize Iraq, the Supreme Leader explains this approach to the US role in destroying Iran-Iraq relations: ” They considered the creation of a power vacuum in the countries of the region.”

Referring to the assassination of resistance commanders, the Supreme Leader also stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran will definitely strike a blow to the Americans, addressing Al-Kadhimi: ” The Islamic Republic of Iran expects the decision of the Iraqi government, people and parliament to expel the Americans because their existence causes insecurity. “

According to this; since Iran has always considered the security of Iraq as its own security, and has been repeatedly emphasized in the positions and statements of the officials in Baghdad and Erbil, it did its utmost to help Baghdad during the ISIS invasion of Iraq. Clearly, the root of US opposition to the Iran-Iraq fraternal relationship is not just the implementation of sanctions against Iran, but the US seeking economic revenge and domination of Iraq through economic, security and social crisis tools through the resurgence of terrorism and insecurity.

In general, the Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit to Iran has several messages, the most important of which is the determination of the officials of the two countries to deepen and expand strategic relations in all fields, despite US threats and sabotage, which can be described as a leap in strategic relations between the two countries through which, it will strengthen the security and prosperity of the two nations and promote regional stability.