Turkey; Returning of Europe’s headache

BY: Damir Nazarov

Turkey; Returning of Europe's headache

Turkey expands the borders of intervention throughout the Middle East despite the abundance of economic problems and the prospect of being drawn into a series of large-scale conflicts, under the slogan of “protecting democracy” . In almost every hot spot in the region, the Turks built military bases or sent officers to train local AK Parti loyalists. Ankara imposes and justifies its occupation of Muslim countries by protecting local ” democratic forces “(North-Western Syria, Libya), fighting “terrorism “(Northern Syria and Iraq), “helping allies “(Qatar, Somalia, Yemen) and “cooperation for economic purposes” (Sudan, Djibouti)*.

The question arises, where do Turkish ambitions come from? The Americans will answer this question. The late Brzezinski and Zionist Friedman are among the strategists who actively promote the image of Turkey as the new leading power in the middle East. Despite the difference in ideological approach, both political strategists promote the idea of reviving the “High Porte”. It is alarming that the “predictions” and calculations regarding Ankara have both come true.

NATO gives Turkey tremendous support

Membership in NATO gives Turkish ambitions tremendous support, and the call for a new intervention in Libya confirms this. The worst thing for the Islamic area is that the West’s bid for Turkey’s expansionism is a developed tactic, taking into account the new methods of imperialism, where its puppets will have to play a more independent role.

In this situation, the foreign policy of the same Turkey does not depend on the persons in the leadership, that is, it does not matter on whose behalf the aggression against the peoples of the Ummah will be organized, whether it is Erdogan, Bahceli, Davutoglu or someone else. The problem is precisely in the strategy of the Imperial – the use of regional puppets for their own purposes, but with regular large-scale support. Turkey, as a country that lives by Western standards, is ideal for the role of a local “gendarme” in the style of” brave Yankees “or” pompous dandy”.

Demonstrating its Imperial essence, Turkey reminds of its Pro-Western orientation. Which dates back to the time of the Ottoman Empire. It was after the then Istanbul took part in the European showdown that the Ottomans fully integrated into the European political system. Since then, the term “Sick man of Europe”has been assigned to them. More than a hundred years have passed, and the Turks have not learned the lesson, continuing to curry favor with the Western elites.

* – Interestingly, wherever the Turks built military bases, the United States is also present. The difference is only in the Sudan, where Ankara has currently seized the island, and the Yankees are located in the South of the country. Another confirmation of the preparation of Turkey by the Americans for the implementation of Imperial plans.

Turkey's expansionism is a developed tactic, taking into account the new methods of imperialism