Chomsky: ” Trump is the worst criminal in human history. “

Chomsky: " Trump is the worst criminal in human history. "

PEJOURNAL – Prominent American academic and intellectual Noam Chomsky has described US President Donald Trump as “the worst criminal in human history.” He made his claim in an article in the New Yorker this week.

According to Chomsky, there are several threats facing humanity, including the destruction of democracies. The people around Trump “are essentially creating an international alliance of extremely reactionary states, which can be controlled by the White House.”

The evidence, he suggested, is that Trump allies in the Persian Gulf are “dictatorships, the most reactionary states in the world, and Egypt under Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, probably the worst dictatorship in Egypt’s history.”

“The current so-called peace agreements,” insisted Chomsky, “have nothing to do with peace agreements. It’s a very natural Middle East base for the Trump-run reactionary international.”

Chomsky also mentioned Trump’s disdain for international agreements and disregard of climate change, with the US “racing” towards greater use of fossil fuels. Despite a looming “environmental catastrophe”, he added, Trump is aggravating the situation.

“Can you think of anyone in human history who has dedicated his efforts to undermining the prospects for survival of organised human life on earth?” he asked his interviewer.

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