Free health profile for all people with disabilities

Free health profile for all people with disabilities

PEJOURNALRuh Global Impact released an statement declaring for issuance of Free health profile for all people with disabilities:


Having the proper statistical society and primary data about people with disabilities is the prerequisite of planning and successful planning results from having a decent statistical society. So we look forward to receiving your preliminary data as soon as possible. Making a fairer world is a two-way process, and we need your cooperation. Here are the things we need in the first place: (Please send us this information in separate lines with numbers).

Full name, age, country of residence, type of disability, the most significant physical challenge you face in your life, the most critical request you make to disability activists about your living facilities, whether you’re are employed or not? Whether you have the minimum human needs of a disabled person, such as a wheelchair? Whether you have a unique psychologist or psychiatrist? Whether you live with your family or alone, and if you live alone, do you have a sexual partner or not? What medications are you taking? And what is the biggest problem you are struggling with at the moment?

By receiving and categorizing this data, we will find out how many of you are employed or unemployed, how many suffer from drug shortages or do not have a sexual partner, how many of you need a psychiatrist, and so on. Moreover, we can use this data to create an informational reference. By doing so, I’m sure we can get a lot of help from the international community for your good.

Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh
Project Executive Director of Research
Ruh Global Impact
September 12, 2021

Free health profile for all people with disabilities

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