‘House of One’ believes in the battle of Armageddon against Islam and the victory of Christian Zionism

BY: Isah Omogbai

House of One believes in the battle of Armageddon against Islam and the victory of Christian Zionism

PEJOURNAL – While the groundbreaking ceremony and the construction of the Abrahamic Religious Cooperation Center, known as the House of Unity (House of One), in Berlin on May 27 this year, not only there is no positive prospect for the Western Christian and Jewish approaching to Muslim world, but also such actions reveal the Western view about Islam and its concern about the spread of the concept of political Islam.

In fact, from the beginning of the twentieth century, and especially in the late twentieth century, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the consequent issue of communism and the disappearance of the “Red Terror”, the West “other” lost its antithesis and thus needed a redefined definition of the “other.”

Since Islam as a religious ideology is the only ideology of the present age that has the ability to challenge the West in various fields in the field of politics and power relations, the Western world feels the danger of Islamic politics that seeks the capacity to participate.

It also has Christian and Jewish capacities in a world power, trying to replace “red terror” with “Islamophobia”. Therefore, religious thinkers and Western politicians are forced to deal directly and militarily with political Islam in the Middle East and to neutralize and neutralize the capacities of Islamic countries in two different ways.

The first arm of this strategy has always been to highlight the violent actions of jihadist groups such as the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS, all three of which, incidentally, have been directly and indirectly interfered by the West and then confronted and suppressed by itself. In fact, the Western Christian and Jewish continues to impose religious restrictions in European and American societies in the form of severe discrimination against followers of Islam by blowing on the fire it has ignited for centuries through the tools of imperialism and colonialism.

The media systematically presents violent images of Taliban Islamists and, more recently, monstrous ISIS in order to reduce the whole religion of Islam, the Islamic world, and Muslims to the level of ISIS savagery, thus trying to increase the political capacity of this Reduce religion in the face of Western hegemony. This is while there is no talk of violence, cruelty and crimes of European countries in the First and Second World Wars in the Muslim countries of the Middle East.

It is with this tool that over the years, practically no political movement has been allowed by Muslims in the Middle East and even in the United States and Europe, and war and coups have prevented the formation of political parties with Islam and even national tendencies in the Middle East. By presenting a one-sided and caricatured image, the Western media deliberately and practically boycotts the peaceful and powerful movements in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey, which operate in a democratic manner and in a democratic process, and even managed to take over the leadership of the countries.

And against the military through coups and war; And with the direct support of the West, they have introduced the leaders of the oppressed nations as the leaders of the countries. This has been the case with the vast majority of Islamic movements in the region.

Another arm of the Western world’s strategy against Islam has been the ineffectiveness of Shari’a through the integration of religion into secular mechanisms and, ultimately, its secularization, a new manifestation of which can be seen in the announcement of the establishment of a center called the House of One. Apparently, the three great religions of Abraham, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have come together under a common center to engage in interfaith dialogue and exchange in addition to performing religious duties.

The important point here, however, is the secular and non-political aspect of this center, which is even explicitly mentioned in its published charter. In fact, the cultural part of the Islamophobia project of the West is trying to take away the political aspects of Islam, of which the originality of the state is one of its inherent precepts, by transforming and fundamentally changing the nature of Islam, so that it can softly and indirectly Islam and Muslims. Believers in Islam should take politics from the public sphere into houses and places of worship and mark the “reverse Islamic political awakening.”

The center is headed by a Jewish rabbi, the Jews who ultimately believe in Armageddon’s decisive battle against Islam and Muslims and the victory of Christian Zionism over them. Interestingly, the center cites one of its goals as spreading peace in the world, and apparently seeks to facilitate dialogue between religious leaders and their followers through dialogue.

At the same time, the House of Religious Unity inadvertently reveals its hidden goals by supporting political initiatives such as the “Covenant of Abraham” by violating the provisions of its charter. On the other hand, the hypocritical and duplicitous behavior of this institution in dealing with human tragedies and human rights in the region, with practically silent silence, shows that the “House of One” has an angle only with political Islam and tries to warn Muslims against it.

Otherwise, the mere presence of Islam in politics and government in its name and with the tools of religion, as can be seen in Saudi Arabia and Israel, is not a big deal for Abraham’s peacekeepers, and they prefer to turn a blind eye to them according to their plans or orders.

However, from a major perspective, the emergence as well as the concept of “Jihadism” can be seen as a reaction to the Western colonial presence in Islamic countries and the exploitation of the Muslim people, which has taken on an extremist aspect. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, which have very good relations with the United States and European countries, have been a hub for fostering terrorism in the region and have been practically one of the major exports of the jihadists who spawned al-Qaeda and ISIS.

However, the West and its media arms, by reversing the reality, make it seem as if Muslims are fundamentally opposed to the foundations of the West, progress and civilization, and are directly attacking and destroying it. While such a view ignores the primary and pivotal role of the West in creating the current situation and targets only Muslims and, above all, political Islam, which are at war with Western-backed Islamist terrorists, they are blamed for the current situation.

Since, as history testifies, the formation of the West and Western civilization was essentially based on Christian theology and political Christianity, with what aims does the House of Unity try to prevent Muslim attempts to enter the political arena and to prevent the emergence of a process?

Democratize and reduce the role of Islam to a presence in the “House of One”. However, if this institution or similar centers support the process of political Islam, their possibility of being closer to the Islamic world will increase and the historical conflicts between Isalam and Christianity and Islam will be significantly reduced.