ISIS is US’s Secret Army in Syria and Iraq

ISIS is US’s Secret Army in Syria and Iraq

PEJOURNAL – The ISIS terrorist group’s activities have increased considerably these days. The terrorist group also claimed responsibility for several other operations against Iraqi security forces following a huge blast in the capital Baghdad last week that killed several Iraqi citizens. These actions have once again raised concerns in the Iraqi media and public opinion about the possibility of the terrorist group rebuilding its power. In the meantime, some also raise the involvement of some foreign parties in the management of these developments.

Alwaght has talked to the Iranian expert of Arab world affairs Majid Ghanadbashi, asking him to have his say on the recent developments and the actors behind them.

Washington seeks ISIS revival

Commenting on the reason behind the increase in the ISIS attacks and activities in Iraq recently, Mr Ghanadbashi said that two important factors are involved in f the current chaotic situation. The first factor is the willingness of the Democrats and Biden to revive the terrorist group. The reality is that the ISIS was created during President Barack Obama administration, with Biden also serving as vice president.

The US investment in ISIS and the gains it has made from the terrorist group’s activities have led it to consider restoring the group’s power in the region. On the one hand, they presented a violent and fierce image of Islam to the world and on the other hand destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq and Syria.

“The second factor can be linked to the ISIS itself. The remnants of the group, along with the reactionary Arab regimes and Israeli regime, seek to pave the way for a continued US presence in the region. The common concern of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and the Israeli regime is that Biden and the Democrats will be preoccupied with the internal affairs and this will make them unaware of the growing power gain of the Axis of Resistance forces that include Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and some other regional movements.

So, now they are focusing on a sham fight against ISIS. In fact, both sides seek to prepare the ground for US troops stay and to delay the implementation of the Iraqi parliament’s resolution on the expulsion of foreign troops from the country.”

The fake US war

Commenting on some American air raids on terrorist positions in Iraq, the Arab world affairs’ expert held that the Americans have followed two key policy lines since ISIS emergence in 2014. One is the secret supply of weapons and logistical support to the ISIS in the form of providing equipment and intelligence support and the relocation of forces. The other is the constant attempt to target anti-ISIS forces under various pretexts. US forces several times bombed Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF, and Iraqi and Syrian troops and then claimed the attacks were carried out by mistake.

ISIS revival obstacles

“In the current situation, there are many obstacles to the intensification of ISIS activities, in comparison to past,” Mr Ghanadbashi said when asked if ISIS can reorganize itself again, referring to the US claims that ISIS would reoccupy parts of Iraq if the American troops pull out. “It should be said that the now the Iraqi public know this terrorist group. The Sunnis are well aware that ISIS is not their protector as some sides claim.”

Also, the experiences of the PMF is another important issue worth considering. The PMF is an organization with great regional influence, prestige, and communications. Today, it is incomparable to the initial days of its foundation in terms of nature and capabilities.

The expert, moreover, raised the PMF’s combat potentials, adding that today this group is very experienced and acts progressively and powerfully in anti-terror battle.

Another matter is the disgrace and discredit of Americans and Europeans in the eyes of the global public opinion, caused by their cooperation with ISIS. Now they can no longer restore ISIS under the ruse of help to the Iraqi and Syrian people.

“Due to degrading defeats in the region over the past decades, mainly in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, the Americans can no longer fight in person. So they turn head to a new strategy: Building a secret army. The secret army is the ISIS whose recruitment, financial, and ideological arrangements are made by the US intelligence apparatus.”