The UAE and smoothing the path for the Zionists in Persian Gulf

The UAE and smoothing the path for the Zionists in Persian Gulf

Today, some regional media outlets announced the launch of an organization called the “Association of Persian Gulf Jewish Communities” (AGJC) with the participation of six Arab countries led by Rabbi “Elie Abadie” and headed by “Ebrahim Dawood Nonoo”.

As reported in this news; The association claims to bring together the Jewish communities of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar to provide the necessary infrastructure to serve the Jewish community in the region.

This suspicious act, which was carried out after the revelation of the UAE-Bahrain relations with the Zionist regime and specifically with the green light of Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, while claiming to try to flourish the life of the Jews due to the opening of the Abraham accord, that for many years, Jews in Iran have been living and performing their rituals freely.

Therefore, given the Zionist political approach to setting up such an organization, it seems that this provocative action will backfire and make it difficult for Jews to live comfortably and freely.

On the other hand, The UAE’s destructive role in the Persian Gulf region and its efforts to destabilize the region, which have effectively turned it into a branch of the Zionist regime, demonstrates that the association is only a cover for anti-security measures against the interests of nations in this region.

In fact, the three countries of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which mistakenly consider Iran as their enemy and, along with Israel, seek to compensate for the failures of the anti-resistance axis in the past decade, especially in the case of Syria, fueling crises in the West and Southwest Asia.

Obviously, countries such as the UAE, which are at the center of these measures, must wait for the negative consequences of opening the Zionists’ path to the region.