The Yemeni resistance and the defeat of Saudi ignorant policies

The Yemeni resistance and the defeat of Saudi ignorant policies

PEJOURNAL – Saudi Arabia’s regional policy has been one of the main reasons for the escalation of tensions in West and Southwest Asia for at least the past decade.

These policies, which intensified after the death of King Abdullah, with King Salman ascending the throne in January 2015 and aligning with the Emirati Mohammed bin Zayed, although they continue to this day, do not meet any of the pre-determined goals.

The main goal of these policies, which from the beginning was based on the three pillars of “primitiveness”, “ignorance” and “oil dollars”, was to achieve the US gendarmerie position in the region and implement the Western-Zionist axis against the Axis of Resistance and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The crystallization of “primitiveness” and “ignorance” can be seen where illusory policies such as “Muhammad bin Salman” and “Adel al-Jubeir”, unable to understand their position and the surrounding realities, rely only on oil dollars to become the milking cow of Western powers. And because the savage Bedouins killed people with saws and put razors in the hands of ISIS cannibals to cut off the heads of the nations of the region.

That is why the Al-Saud regime during these years, although with the full support of the White House and using all available means, tried to advance its goals with financial, intelligence and media support for the Takfiri terrorist movements and the formation of an anti-Yemeni coalition. Neither side imposed much financial and human costs on the nations of the region.

The facts that exist today in the region are more than anything else evidence of the disgraceful defeats of Al-Saud despite the thousands of billions of dollars spent, as in Yemen as the most important national security case, despite the use of all means, including UN sanctions, to destroy popular resistance. Not only they did not succeed, but it also faced the intensification of the organization of the popular resistance, which resulted in the emergence of a political-military power called Ansarullah.

This powerful popular organization, after years of unequal fighting with the armed forces of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is now able to easily target Riyadh and create an undisputed power, an impenetrable barrier against their intervention and extravagance in Yemen.

In Syria, against the will of Saudi Arabia and the West, the government of Bashar al-Assad not only did not disappear, but today it is fully established and is regaining its place in the Arab world and the region.

Saudi Arabia’s interventionist plans in Iraq have yielded nothing to Al-Kazami, despite all the evils from the formation and financing of terrorists and infiltrators to the moderate psychological operations of the Moderate Center to divide and destroy the country’s vital infrastructure.

Even the Qatar boycott project, which was carried out with the special help of the Americans, ultimately failed not only, but also forced Bin Salman to accept the condition of “Sheikh Tamim” in Riyadh so that the disbanded GCC (Persian Gulf Cooperation Council) might be revived.

In addition to all this, the sinister plans of the stupid young Saudi man, who falsely claimed that he was setting Iran on fire, were foiled one after another, so that today, worried about his political future, he would use Macron as his mediator and Biden.

Now, although the Saudi regime has made every effort to justify its misguided policies and accuse others of insecurity and instability in the region by creating a media empire, the daily killing of hundreds of Yemeni women and children, the arming of ISIS cannibals and the sawing of internal dissidents is not something which can be concealed by the media hype.

Certainly, the fragile challenges and irreparable political and economic damage that the crude and primitive Saudi rulers have created for this country and its people over the years, along with serious intra-governmental conflicts, will lead to a dark and unpredictable future for the Al-Saud regime. If they do not think of a way to compensate for it now, there may not be another opportunity to restore the Al-Saud family.