Lack of reasons for the explosion in the US aircraft carrier in San Diego

PEJOURNAL – Nearly three hours after the explosion on the USS Bonhomme Richard aircraft carrier at San Diego Naval Base in the southwestern United States, the Pentagon or the Navy are still investigating the cause of the crash in a military and constantly guarded area, have not reacted yet.

A few minutes ago, the official account of the US Army announced on Twitter that 18 sailors were injured in an explosion and fire on the aircraft carrier of the United States this morning, but did not mention the cause of the accident. CNN first reported the explosion, as: “several sailors were injured after an explosion on board a ship at the US Naval Base in San Diego, according to the San Diego Fire Department (SDFD). The sailors were being treated for a variety of injuries after the explosion on the USS Bonhomme Richard, according to SDFD’s official Twitter account. Firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire on the ship, and several different agencies are working to fight the blaze but it’s unclear what started the fire yet.”
While the USS Bonhomme Richard’s aircraft carrier was in operation at the San Diego Naval Base Station, the occurrence of a relatively heavy explosion on this giant vessel has created a lot of ambiguity.
Hours after the first photos and videos of the blast and the subsequent fire on the military vessel were shared, US social media users expressed their surprise at the silence of US military officials about the incident. On the eve of the presidential election, this event could become a new challenge for Donald Trump, who is still involved in the consequences of his mismanagement in the outbreak of Corona virus in this country.