NOURNEWS: Europe Seeks to Repeat the Failed Experience of “Coercive Diplomacy” against Iran / Knee-to-Neck Policy Does Not Respond Here!

PEJOURNAL – According to Western media reports over the past two days, the European Troika is finalizing anti-Iranian resolutions for approval by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Governing Council, which will likely be put to a vote on Friday, despite opposition from China and Russia.

Considered in the context of US menus for disrupting JCPOA, the resolution is seen as a new step in increasing pressure on Iran, and it is natural that Iran cannot fail to react seriously to this European behavior.

Due to the negative reactions of Iran, China and Russia to the resolution, representatives of the European Troika have been negotiating with the Russians and Chinese over the past two days to make changes to the resolution, and although they have reached a preliminary conclusion, the final text sent to the capitals has not been approved.

According to reports, Russia’s and China’s efforts to persuade the European Troika to pursue the harmful consequences of these actions and to persuade them to correct their behavior have not been effective and have not had an effect on European behavior.

The Europeans have made every effort to amend the resolution, claiming that they could reach a consensus on Thursday in a video conference session, but there does not appear to be a consensus on the resolution.

Therefore, it is expected that in a face-to-face meeting on Friday, the resolution will be able to get two-thirds of the required votes, despite the negative votes from China and Russia.

If Europe pays attention to the warnings of Russia and China and withdraws the resolution and reflects its views on the current relations between Iran and the IAEA in the form of a statement, one can hope that the complexity of the current situation will be reduced.

In the resolution, the Europeans called on Iran to comply with the IAEA Director-General’s demands and to issue new access permits. However, according to many international legal experts, the recent report of Rafael Grossi, the agency’s director general, and his demands on Iran are purely political and non-technical-legal, and there is no reason for Iran to comply.

to describe precisely; Knowing that Iran will not succumb to unlawful and coercive demands, the resolution seeks to destroy the path of cooperation between Iran and the IAEA and, while creating a confrontational atmosphere in Iran-IAEA relations, thus will put more pressure on Iran.

Following the adoption of this resolution, Europe intends to keep the issue of Iran on the agenda of the Board of Governors and oblige the Director General to submit a report at the regular meetings of the Board of Governors.

This behavior of the Europeans is, of course, completely unconventional, unprofessional and unfair, and confirms what Iran called Europe’s inability to adopt a US-independent position on the JCPOA, because in principle, Iran’s relationship with the IAEA has not been severed and it is still active, the issue should not be reported to the agency and should be referred to the agency by the Board of Governors, and the Board of Governors should not issue a ruling.

The combination of these events and the opening of the old closed cases on the one hand and the absence of any deviations in Iran’s activities on the other hand, clearly shows that this action is completely political and has been done to complete US pressure on Iran, because our current situation with the agency is similar to many other countries.

One of the clearest reasons for the agency’s recent political behavior is that the current situation in many countries, which have much more serious issues with the IAEA, is not even reported to the IAEA.

according to this; despite Iran’s full and sincere involvement in the nuclear program, the European Troika is unfortunately pursuing a failed strategy based on “coercive diplomacy” to force Iran to accept the demands of the United States and the Zionist regime.

This destructive and non-constructive action by the Europeans, which is proving more and more humiliating against the United States and Israel, is a kind of indirect declaration of withdrawal from the JCPOA, despite the deceptive claim of maintaining the JCPOA, and will naturally complicate and worsen the situation.

On the other hand; This behavior of Europe shows that they are deliberately and quite harmoniously playing an effective role in the “political hostility” of the United States to our country, and of course, as the Wall Street Journal reported in its customary report on Wednesday, the name of this “political malice” called the effort to reconcile between Iran and the United States to maintain order.

However, Iran has not yet taken any “degrading action” against any of the resolutions, and only diplomacy has been able to resolve the issues. Therefore, such behaviors certainly cannot cause Iran to deviate from its legal rights and we must wait for Iran’s reciprocal reactions.

Europe needs to know that Iran deeply believes in the effectiveness of the ‘active resistance’ strategy in this world of illegal and immoral jungle, which they claim to be in control of. And Judge Zadeh Hashemi, the first deputy speaker of the 11th parliament, announced on his Twitter account that he had taken five steps to reduce Iran’s commitments, the new parliament also intends to help the government increase its influence.

Europe and the United States must realize forever that in this human world, unlike in the animal kingdom, “agreement” means “full fulfillment of obligations by all parties,” and it is this commitment of human beings to agreements that demonstrates their civilization, not The force of the knee on the neck of an oppressed helpless person.