US Protests and the Joker that Held his Creator Captive!

US Protests and the Joker that Held his Creator Captive!

Despite media dominance, the regime has tried to make the Joker a hero of order and security in its adversaries, but with anti-racist protests that have swept across the United States and other countries following the Liberal Capitalist system, Apparently, this time the “Trapped Hunter” and Joker, whose mission was to save liberal capitalism from the wrath of the oppressed class, has become the killer of this system.

PEJOURNAL – “The Joker” was first introduced as a villainous character in the DC Comics. He was Batman’s main villain, which caused him a lot of trouble and created a great deal of fear in the city of Gotham.

This is a brief introduction to the character that was made in the previous films before trump was president. But the hidden angles of this character seem to be deeper than the appearance of this villain, and this was quite evident in the last Joker movie in 2019.

This time, the protagonist is not Batman, who saves the city from the villains, but the Joker himself.

This time, “Joker” directed by Todd Phillips is changing the usual standards of good and evil in American society, and the protagonist of the film is the Joker, a character who has been sabotaging the city of Gotham for decades, a city that was actually New York. .

But this time the Joker is the center of all evil, and the rich and the capitalist class own everything and even control the souls of the people, and the media is a tool to destroy reality in public opinion.

Indeed; This time, the Joker is the hero of the American people and their savior of the oppressive American capitalist system.

But the underprivileged to cross this path must follow the path of the Joker, who is the king of chaos caused by the density of oppression and betrayal by the capitalist system.

This Joker is different from the previous one, for the past 30 years, the Joker has been a symbol of every stage of the US presidency.

Previous Joker in the early stages was exposing the dangers of the age of fear of juvenile delinquency, and Heath Ledger’s Joker became a terrorist in the last year of George W. Bush’s administration, leading Batman to form a state based on citizen oversight.

But the 2019 Joker is very different from Trump’s arrogant capitalist era, and it reflects the current situation and the crushed majority in the United States.

American director Michael Moore wrote about Joker: “The city of Joker is the center of all evil, and the rich rule everything, and it is the center of banks and corporations that beg for citizens and whose media do not serve the people.”

Michael Moore believes that the film is not just about Trump, but about American society, which allowed someone like him to come to power, and this was due to the dirtier and richer the capitalists.

Michael Moore goes on to say about the truth of the Joker of the Trump era: “The fear and violence that prevails in the people after the broadcast of the Joker is not real, because the goal is for the people not to see the truth of the violence of the society, especially the violence of the ruling American system. So to say that the goal of the film is to promote chaos is to divert people’s minds from the American capitalists and politicians who are in control of the fate of the people.”

Most of the film’s violent actions are the sacrifice of Joker himself, as he seeks help and strives to survive badly on the fringes of this society and to live in health and tranquility despite the problems that arise for him, but he commits a crime after failing to get help, but American capitalists continue to live without any worries.

American author Jeff Young believes that the Joker in Trump era is the result of dissatisfaction with the racist remarks made by the current US president in his election speeches.

The character of “Thomas Wayne”, the Boss of Joker’s mother in this film, who is a proud arrogant person, insults the poor clown and humiliates him, and the author of the 2019 Joker screenplay adapts the character of Trump to Thomas Wayne.

Accordingly, after the brutal murder of “George Floyd”, the black American citizens have spread all over the United States and other countries that follow the “liberal capitalist” system, It seems that despite the dominance of the media, the regime has tried to make the Joker a hero of disrupting order and security in its opposition countries, but this time apparently the “trapped hunter” and simulations of young American protesters with the Joker, have taken a turn for the worse, and Joker, whose mission was to save liberal capitalism from the wrath of the oppressed, has this time become the killer of this system.