The US has trapped Saudi Arabia in the quagmire of the Yemeni War

The US has trapped Saudi Arabia in the quagmire of the Yemeni War

PEJOURNAL – On the first day of the Persian New Year 1400 AH, which has been named the year of “Production: Support and Removing Barriers,” Grand Ayatullah Khamenei – the Leader of the Islamic Revolution – delivered his annual speech in a live broadcast this evening. Grand Ayatullah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said that after the passage of 6 years, Saudi Arabia has not yet been able to force the Yemenis to surrender. He said that the US has trapped the Saudis in the quagmire of the Yemeni War.

Addressing the Iranian nation in his New Year speech, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated, “The Saudis began the war against Yemen during the Obama administration. They did it with the Americans’ go-ahead. Actually, the Americans gave the Saudis permission and they helped them as well. They gave the Saudis abundant military equipment. Why? In order to force the people of Yemen into surrendering in the course of 15 days or one month after having dropped numerous bombs on them. Well, they were mistaken.

They have not been able to do this over the past 6 years. The war on Yemen began on a day at this time of the year. Six years have passed since that day, but they have not been able to force the Yemenis to surrender. I ask the Americans, “The day when you gave the Saudis the go-ahead to enter into the war on Yemen, were you aware the Saudis would get stuck in such a difficult situation?”

Addressing the Americans, Grand Ayatullah Khamenei said, “You knew into what quagmire you were dragging the Saudis. At the present time, they can neither stay nor leave. The problem is difficult either way. They can neither stop the war nor continue it. Both ways are to their detriment. You Americans knew what a disaster you were creating for the Saudis. If you knew it and you did it anyway, how wretched are your allies because you treat them this way. And if you did not know it, then again how wretched are your allies for trusting you and for planning with you who are not familiar with regional issues.”

His Eminence went on to say, “Unfortunately, the Americans are mistaken about regional matters in general. They are making mistakes at the present time as well. Their cruel, unreasonable support of the Zionist regime is a mistake. Their occupying presence in Syria in extensive areas east of the Euphrates is definitely wrong, and so is their cooperation with the Saudi government in bombarding the oppressed people of Yemen.”

Grand Ayatullah Khamenei stressed that the US policies concerning Palestine are wrong, “The issue of Palestine will never be forgotten in the world of Islam. The Americans are happy to see that some pitiful governments have normalized relations with the Zionist regime. However, two or three such governments are insignificant, because the Islamic nation will never forget the issue of Palestine. The Americans should know this. The same is true concerning the issue of Yemen.”

Pointing to the failure of the maximum pressure policy adopted by the US, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated, “That previous fool had devised the maximum pressure policy in order to put Iran in a position of weakness. They wished to ultimately force Iran to sit at the negotiating table and to give in to their demands. Well, he [Trump] was kicked out and he left with such disgrace. Even his departure was not done in a good way. It was a disgrace for himself and his country.”

His Eminence also added, “Their maximum pressure policy has failed up until now, and it will continue to fail after this too. These new politicians will be kicked out too and be gone, but Islamic Iran will remain with increasing power and dignity.”

Referring to the JCPOA, he stated, “The country’s policy in dealing with the other parties in the JCPOA and the JCPOA itself has already been clearly announced. This policy should not be violated in any way. It is a policy that has already been announced and which has been adopted with everyone’s agreement. This policy is that the Americans should lift all sanctions. Then, we will verify that they have been lifted. If the sanctions have truly been lifted, we will return to our JCPOA commitments. This is our definite policy.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, “Some Americans even object to the current JCOPA. I have heard some Americans say the situation has changed since the JCPOA was signed in 1394 and 1395 AH. Therefore, the JCPOA should change as well. I too accept that today’s situation is different from what it was in the years 1394 and 1395. But it has changed to our advantage, not to the advantage of the Americans.”

Grand Ayatullah Khamenei stressed, “Iran has become much stronger now in comparison with the year 1394. It has been able to stand on its own feet and find confidence in itself. However, you have become increasingly disreputable since the year 1394. During this period of time, the administration that was in power disgraced your country with its statements, actions and behavior and finally with its departure. Economic problems have engulfed all parts of your country. Yes, things have changed, but to your disadvantage. So if the JCPOA is to change, it should change to the advantage of Iran, not them.”

At the end of his statements, His Eminence emphasized, “When we say that it is they who should lift the sanctions first, I have heard some politicians in the world respond, ‘What difference does it make? You say the US should act first, and the US says that you should take action first.’ The issue is not who should act first. The issue is that we trusted the Americans during the Obama administration and we honored our commitments in the JCPOA, but they did not honor their commitments. They only said on paper that the sanctions had been lifted.”