Irresponsibility and the Perils of Saudi Nuclear Program

Irresponsibility and the Perils of Saudi Nuclear Program

PEJOURNAL – A former Iranian diplomat emphasized that Saudi Arabia despite its interventions and tension generation in its neighbouring countries, as well as disturbing the regional and international stability is not accountable. He said: If a country with this amount of direct political and military intervention one day gains more power and becomes nuclear, it will cause great tragedy that will destroy the region.

Referring to Saudi foreign policy and its interference in the affairs of other Muslim countries, Ahmad Dastmalchian told the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations in an interview: “Saudi Arabia is an expansionist country that pursues ambitious plans with its oil wealth.”

The Illusion of Saudi Power

“KSA’s expansionist temperament has increased since the arrival of Bin Salman, and we are witnessing widespread and unwarranted interventions in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen,” he said. Has made strategic mistakes. Of course, this country has so far failed to implement its policies; because it does not have the foundations of power of a country that has the power to carry out its expansionist intentions.

“Even its largest partner, the UAE, has left the coalition it formed to intervene in Yemen,” he said, stressing that Saudi Arabia does not have the strong army and manpower it needs, as well as strong regional and international backers. The United States and European countries no longer support Saudi Arabia on Yemen; Riyadh may want to buy more of these weapons, but it will become a weapons depot in an area it cannot even use.

Referring to the structural and internal problems of power in Saudi Arabia, as well as the rivalry between the princes and Bin Salman’s action in arresting and imprisoning them, Dastmalchian added: Bin Salman has taken over the affairs of the country; we are witnessing the influences of a proud young man in the politics of this country who has been under the illusion of power.

Emphasizing that Saudi Arabia has not been able to achieve even a single step in its military goals in Yemen after a few years, the former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon referred to its actions against Qatar and said: “Saudi Arabia is threatening its neighbor Qatar because of the illusion of power and sanctioning the Doha. He sought to occupy Qatar by forming a coalition, but Qatar, as a tiny state with less military might, defeated Saudi Arabia.

Possibility of Outbreak of a Great Tragedy

He cited Saudi Arabia’s covert nuclear program and refusal of IAEA safeguards despite repeated requests for years, saying “Saudi Arabia is certainly not responsible despite such behavior in its relations with neighbors, as well as in disrupting regional and international stability.” Irresponsible interference in the internal affairs of other countries has left neither his neighbors nor neighboring countries comfortable with him. A country with this amount of direct political and military intervention will, if one day, want to gain more power; it will be a great tragedy, a tragedy that will destroy the region.

Dastmalchian continued: “Saudi Arabia is an irresponsible state and non-aligned towards international law, and if it acquire nuclear weapons, it will lead to some kind of competition in the region and the destruction of all its countries. If such dangerous competition is to take place in the region, it will have far-reaching consequences that no one can control.

Pointing to the need for the international system and international organizations to pay attention to Saudi Arabia’s behavior and its consequences, he said: “It seems unlikely for the international system to allow authoritarian regimes like Saudi Arabia to be equipped with these weapons, because access to these weapons and increased power for Riyadh will eventually turn into tools that will be dangerous to everyone. This issue should be seriously discussed.

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