The remaining members of JCPOA have a consensus to counter US lawlessness

The remaining members of JCPOA have a consensus to counter US lawlessness

PEJOURNAL – Seyed Abbas Araghchi, Political Deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, who has traveled to Vienna to attend the meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission, in an exclusive interview with NOURNEWS, explained the results of the meeting and consultations held in Vienna.

At the beginning of the conversation, Araghchi announced the meeting of the JCPOA Commission and the proximity of the positions of the remaining members in this international agreement on the need for coordinated action against the US lawbreaker: “As usual, before the commission meeting, independent bilateral meetings with The Chairmen of the Chinese and Russian delegations, as well as Ms. Helga Schmid, Secretary-General of the European Union’s External Action Service, held consultations and coordination.

He added: “Also, the meeting with the political leaders of the three European countries was held after the meeting of the Joint Commission in order to discuss and review the future steps and strategies for maintaining and continuing the UNHCR, in a way that would serve the interests of our country.”

Regarding the content of the talks held at the JCPOA Joint Commission meeting, Araghchi said: “This meeting was held in special circumstances due to the developments in the Security Council regarding JCPOA and the unjustified and illegal US action. Therefore, the main focus of the commission’s discussions is the need for integration and cohesion, focused against US action.

The Deputy Foreign Minister added: “In this regard, the members of the Commission emphasized their principled positions during the review of the resolution extending the arms embargo on Iran, which was accompanied by a disgraceful defeat of the United States, as well as their fundamental opposition to the US move to establish itself as a member of JCPOA and the resumption of Security Council sanctions resolutions against Iran, agreed that the United States had suspended its participation in JCPOA since May 8, 2018 and was no longer a member of the agreement, and therefore could not exercise its rights under JCPOA using sentence with the aim of returning the sanctions.”

Our country’s representative in the Joint Commission of JCPOA also said: “Another issue that was unanimously emphasized in the commission was the need to maintain JCPOA and take the necessary measures in this regard, including through the full and effective implementation of the obligations of all parties.”

“The only principled way to maintain JCPOA is Iran’s benefit from this agreement in the field of lifting sanctions, which can only be achieved by taking practical and concrete steps by JCPOA members” Araghchi said. He also added: “In this regard, we have clarified that the reduction of Iran’s final obligations is, in fact, a reaction to the non-fulfillment of the other party’s obligations.”

The head of the Iranian delegation, noting that this meeting of the JCPOA Commission was one of the longest meetings due to the distance from the previous meeting and various issues discussed, said: “At the end of this meeting, the coordinator of the commission (Ms. Schmid) made a statement issued that reflects the views of members in the various areas discussed at the meeting.”

Araghchi noted: “All members welcomed the joint statement of Iran and the IAEA issued following the recent visit of the IAEA Director General to Iran, and appreciated Iran’s initiative in this regard.” He added: “In this regard, in the meeting I had with the Director General of the IAEA after the meeting of the Commission, we both agreed that the recent talks in Tehran and the joint statement that will strengthen cooperation and interaction as well as trust between Iran and the IAEA.

It is an important, positive and constructive step that has been widely welcomed internationally.”
In the end, the Deputy Foreign Minister said: “In the meeting with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, we emphasized the determination of Iran and the IAEA to continue mutual cooperation, based on good faith.”

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