The Eurocretin cuts ties with China and Russia

Original column BY: Maurizio Blondet

Translation BY: Costantino Ceoldo

The Eurocretin cuts ties with China and Russia

PEJOURNAL – “Italy has aligned itself with other European countries, including France, Germany and Belgium and has summoned the Chinese ambassador in protest against the sanctions imposed by China on parliamentarians, researchers and European Union institutions.”

Il Foglio [1] gives the news with a neocon conflict-thirsty great satisfaction:

“It is the first time in at least two years – and Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio [2], who exactly two years ago signed with Beijing Italy’s entry into the Silk Road, was not there to welcome him – he [Li Junhua] was on a mission to Brussels. Li Junhua was received instead by the Deputy Minister Marina Sereni [3], DP quota [4]. Who was there tells to Il Foglio about an armored and tense meeting, but above all very short to say the least.”

In short, arrogant and gratuitously offensive. To cut ties.

“In the meager press release of the Farnesina [5], ‘Italy confirms support for the measures adopted by the EU and rejects as unacceptable the Chinese sanctions, which damage the fundamental rights of freedom of expression, speech, thought and opinion, the exercise of which is intrinsic deployment of democracy and its values, which Italy and the EU are inspired by’. Silence ABOUT the case by the minister but also by the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs with responsibility for Asia, Manlio Di Stefano [6], always in the M5s”.

This is how Il Foglio gloats.

In short, from what we understand it was an autonomous initiative of this Marina Sereni, always DP, always under the orders of Brussels, without consulting the minister: an unequivocally neocon style. That is, uncivilized and abusive, according to the fashion of international relations with insult and inaugurated by Biden and Blinken.

Instead, Putin phoned: does the EU really want to cut the ties?

On Monday, in significant contrast, President Putin took the initiative to pick up the phone and call Charles Michel [7], a cheap Belgian who chairs the European Council – a body of “governance” (in the EU there is no “government” but “governance”) that brings together the 27 heads of governments and that Michel should agree on a compromise – for one last attempt to defuse the conflict that Biden’s European servants are creating from scratch, cold.

On the phone, the Russian president deplored the state of relations between the EU and Russia, at least not constructive, rather conflicting and said he was ready to re-establish normal relations if the EU, on his part, is also interested.

Well: the Belgian arrogantly replied that he still does not have the mandate to defuse the conflict, but that there are great differences with Russia and that these relations are really at a very low level. For the EU, the improvement of these relations depends only on Russia. And three conditions are formulated against it:

  • implement the Minsk agreements, of which the EU is obviously no longer a guarantor but a member;
  • put an end to “its hybrid war and cyber-attacks against member states – Russia is an aggressor country for the EU”;
  • respect human rights.

Lavrov’s reaction

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reacted immediately, declaring that Russia has no relations with the EU as an organization:

“Brussels has destroyed relations with Moscow. Few countries in Europe are guided by their national interest and maintain an equal partnership with Russia”.

It is not that Putin has bypassed Lavrov, or that he does not know that his initiative would have met the arrogant wall of the Westernist servant who sought for conflict and had his cheap victory.

The phone call from him is a final sign by a man of peace made, so to speak, “in front of God”: we have left no stone unturned, You are a witness.

Mackinder’s nightmare realized

The point is that the Biden-Blinken (and Kagan) clan, with the insults and the delusional intention (explicitly expressed by the American Enterprise [8], of which Ferrara’s il Foglio is the organ for Italy) to incite a change of regime with the fall of Putin in Russia and even that of Xi in China, to bring back the two countries as subordinates to the Global Dollar, is making real the piratical nightmare of Halford Mackinder, the welding of the “Island-World”, the ocean of land unreachable by the British naval incursions.

The Atlanticist pro-Europeans, by throwing Putin to ally with China, are making a reality “the Eurasian superstate, based between the Volga and the Yangtse”, reports Alastair McLeod [9]. And the definition is restrictive: Mckinder himself defined as an invincible world fulcrum “the plain that extends from central Europe to western Siberia, which has a strategic position on the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East, South Asia” and borders on China.

Mackinder explained that whoever had controlled it, would have gained dominion over the entire Old World [10], that is, the union of Eurasia and Africa.

And look, says McLeod, that this power is not due to military superiority, but to simple economics. “While the US economy suffers a post-lockdown inflationary outcome and an existential crisis for the dollar, China’s economy will boom on the back of increasing domestic consumption, which is an official government objective; and increasing exports, the consequence of America’s stimulation of consumer demand and a soaring budget deficit.”

The trillions of dollars that the FED has flooded the American consumer with, will go to buy Chinese goods, whether we like it or not and even Russian gas.

Did you realize, neocon Westernists, that China already controls Africa, as McKinder feared? That cargo-trains already unite Berlin and the German – and therefore European economy – with Beijing? Welding what McKinder called Eurasia? It is an objective fact:

“South-east Asian nations notionally in the US’s sphere of influence are firmly tied to the partnership’s economy, and the overland and sea silk roads similarly bind the EU and the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans’ states respectively. It amounts to over half the world’s population no longer sharing the economic and currency interests of 328 million Americans.”

By launching into the cold war against Putin, you have given China the atomic superpower it does not have. So: “The Biden administration […] before concluding that in the current cold war, against the combined power of Russia and China, America will fail in its political objectives, not through lack of military power, but due to economic forces.”

The point is that the neocons, I fear, know this, and are preparing for a war that is not cold, but hot. A few more years, and the US superpower will not be able to win a world war: “They know they have little time”.

Certain circles and families of power in the Deep State must also fear the neocon fanatics and their war project. This is demonstrated by a surprising article in Foreign Affairs. Signed by Richard N. Haass and Charles A. Kupchan [11], dated March 23, 2021, it is surprising right from the title: “The new Concert of Powers”. Better to invite China and Russia to share rather than antagonize them. Why?

Because, the two globalists say, “The West is losing not only its material dominance but also its ideological sway. Around the world, democracies are falling prey to illiberalism and populist dissension while a rising China, assisted by a pugnacious Russia, seeks to challenge the West’s authority and republican approaches to both domestic and international governance. History teaches that such periods of tumultuous change involve a great danger: the struggles between great powers over hierarchy and ideology regularly lead to great wars.”

Much better to realize the Concert of Powers, informal and inclusive, which in the nineteenth century curbed the geopolitical and ideological competition that usually accompanies multipolarity: “A global concert would have six members: China, the European Union, India, Japan, Russia, and the United States. Democracies and nondemocracies would have equal standing, and inclusion would be a function of power and influence, not values or regime type. The concert’s members would collectively represent roughly 70 percent of both global GDP and global military spending.”

This article, my friend Umberto Pascali from Washington tells me, indicates that there is fear among the powers: “They are afraid that their plan – to ‘wipe out’ Russia and use China as the main tool of the Great Reset – does not seem to go through as planned. They are afraid of the real war after the many easy wars, colonial wars of plunder”.

The NeoCon, or rather the majority of Congress paid for by Military Industrial and Big Tech, is thirsty for war profits and for colonial style looting. However, the military is unable to wage a real war with powers such as China and Russia.

[1] Italian newspaper:–2071655/



[4] DP means Italian Democratic Party, former Italian Communist Party.

[5] The building where is Italian Foreign Ministry