Zionists are the Ebola virus of American political afflictions

BY: Martin Love

Zionists are the Ebola virus of American political afflictions

PEJOURNAL – A Palestinian boy is shot in the eye by a Zionist Israeli sniper with a rubber bullet, and loses the eye, while he is browsing in a food store. A Palestinian grandmother is run over and killed by a “settler” for no reason. A man is released from an Israeli prison after more than a decade of solitary confinement, but when he arrives home his mind has been so scrambled that he does not recognize any of his relatives, including his mother. Every single day one can read of one or more fresh atrocities by the only Apartheid state on earth.

After nurse Rezan an-Najjar was shot and killed near Gaza’s fence with Israel by a sniper, the Israelis claimed few shots were actually fired and none directly at her, so it was not a random stray bullet that killed her. This assertion by the IDF actually supports the fact that she was targeted. And so on.

Back in the U.S. these stories go almost unmentioned by the press, and ever more commitments are made to Israel. More money, more (im)moral support, more lies and obfuscations, more insanity. And it never stops. It can seem like the U.S. has no friends since it only seems to court and support the most outrageous, undemocratic regimes in the Middle East.

President Biden meanwhile intends to give back some of the funds taken away by Trump, arguably the worst President in U.S. history, to UNWRA and the Palestinian Authority. But make no mistake, it’s aimed at giving the PA, and feeble “leaders” like Mahmoud Abbas more wherewithal to amplify collaboration with the Zionists to further suppress the millions of Palestinians west of the Jordan River.

Palestinians are supposed to have an election this year for a parliament of sorts, as they did earlier this century, but one can bet the election won’t be honored because, as likely, some of those who will be elected to represent the Palestinians will not be, well, kosher. They may even be devotees of HAMAS or some other resistance faction.

Also, and frankly it’s better than the nothingness of Trump, the Biden regime alleges it will rejoin the JCPOA and drop at least some of the economic sanctions that Trump imposed on Iran. But Biden in his fog may recognize just one thing clearly: the U.S. is in no position to kick off a war with the Israelis against Iran, something the Zionists fervently want or else they would not object to ANY measures that would oblige Iran to scale back its peaceful nuclear advances, and especially its uranium enrichment activities.

To try to spoil the emerging JCPOA revival, the Zionists (again) attacked Natanz, this time by screwing up its electricity feed. The actual extent of the damage is so far not publicly known

About this recent attack on Natanz, Biden is silent when he ought to be outraged because it could mess up the JCPOA revival that he is trying to push. (And, by the way, deep gratitude to Russian warships which allegedly escorted some Iranian tankers leaving the Suez Canal to supply Syria with badly needed energy supplies like gasoline.) Of course Biden, if he had more marbles, would call a halt to the war on Yemen and as well end the U.S occupation and theft of Syria’s oil and wheat production areas east of the Euphrates.

Biden and company really are severely schizophrenic. One the one hand, the Biden gang seems to want less chance of a lambent, new war in West Asia that the U.S. cannot afford, but on the other hand it’s slamming China (obviously worried about growing alliances between China and Russia and Iran and the advances of the Belt and Road initiative and also Taiwan).  But at the same time it’s telling the corrupt Ukraine puppets that Russia must give back the Crimea and allow resupplied Ukrainian forces to mount fresh attacks on the Donbass. This could incite a world war. Russia is no pushover.

What the world witnesses here and there is a desperate U.S. which literally has been defeated by the Taliban in Afghanistan and can’t quite admit it and leave quickly when it’s evident to all. Even Syria under popular Assad, mightily damaged, still stands tall against the terrorists who flooded the country over the past decade, and the Houthis have done remarkably well against the Saudis and the Emiratis.

The biggest question is why the various U.S. administrations persist and have persisted for so long against countries which, like Iran and other. far lesser countries, are NOT a danger to the United States or to the American people and never have been. If anything, these countries have merely challenged the horrific idea pushed by Zionist American Neocons of U.S. “empire” and their insistence on “full spectrum dominance” over the entire globe, something which has virtually bankrupted the U.S. and created widespread chaos.

If all a country can project to control other people and countries is potential force to instill fear, control does not truly exist – just the temporary chimera of it.

And does one have to guess why this concept of world dominance by the U.S. has been and remains so important to Zionists who infest government and Wall Street and advocate for it?

The answer may well be because such dominance (and it needs constant provocation and attention and upset to maintain) provides a huge shield behind which bloody “leaders” in Israel like Netanyahu and Benny Gantz and others can continue to enact a kind of bloody slow dance of human and cultural genocide against the Arabs of Palestine and take the entirety of historical Palestine and expel all non-Jews. This shield limits visibility towards the things the Zionists are doing to others – very bad things.

Emptying Palestine and filling it with anyone nominally a “Jew” (Ethiopians who are ill-treated in Israel are lately being sent to the West Bank to modify its demographic character!) has always been the ultimate aim of Zionists who early on were actually anti-Semitic. This was  expressed over a century ago by Theodore Herzl even and a bit later by Vladimir Jabotinsky, the spiritual and intellectual leader of Zionist radicals and revisionists before 1948. (Netanyahu’s father served as Jabotinsky’s secretary.)

U.S. support for Zionism, amplified this century especially while the U.S. has been losing its luster (probably beginning with the loss of the war on Vietnam) will sink the U.S. such that it WILL become a failed state if it’s not one already just hiding behind a proposed, obscene “defense” budget of $753 billion for the coming fiscal year. It’s a tragedy for most Americans like no other but not understood yet by many given the propaganda suffusing the U.S. mainstream media.