The scenario of FDD to continue the maximum pressure against Iran

BY: William Holmes

The scenario of FDD to continue the maximum pressure against Iran

PEJOURNAL – News and information obtained from the latest anti-Iranian activities of the American think tank “Foundation for the Defense of Democracies” (FDD) indicate new measures that provide the necessary basis for the continuation of the “Donald Trump” administration’s approach to the Iranian nation although in a winning face for Joe Biden.

Influenced by the Zionist lobby “AIPAC”, which has been the contractor of the two US Department of Defense and State for the last 4 years to design and advance their anti-Iranian intentions, this think tank has been pursuing at least two new actions for about 2 months.

The head of the FDD foundation, Mark Dubowitz, believes that with these two innovative and new measures, even if the Democrats take over the White House, the conditions will be created for the continuation of the strategy of “maximum pressure” against the Islamic Republic of Iran:

A) Consultation on forming a coalition or united front including like-minded institutions before the November election with the aim of putting political pressure on the new administration (both Republican Trump and Biden Democrat) to maintain the current White House approach against Iran and strengthen the maximum pressure strategy.

In addition to its own foundation (FDD), Dubowitz has led the Alliance Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), led by Mark Wallace, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, and the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), headed by David Steinman accompanied in this matter.

B) Compilation of a database of speeches of Iranian political and military officials with the aim of identifying the cases of establishing the legal responsibility of the Iranian government in domestic and international authorities to lay the groundwork for further political and legal actions.

In this plan, the statements of the Iranian officials are to be used for legal documents against Iran.

According to this; Given the danger posed by the anti-Iranian, American-Zionist extremist from the possibility of Trump’s failure in the November election, the elements of this current have made every effort in the last days of this period to prevent a change in the White House approach to Iran.