Neither the R’s nor the D’s seem fit to heal the United States disunity

Neither the R’s nor the D’s seem fit to heal the United States disunity

PEJOURNAL – Americans well know that the United States is basically divided into two camps comprising the two political parties, the Republicans (R’s) and the Democrats (D’s), neither of which are offering much to the average citizen and both of which is almost surely going to sink the US into a deeper morass than already exists with respect to useless foreign and domestic policies.

One the R side one witnesses a bunch of loonies who don’t give serious thought to much of anything and enjoy the camaraderie of their kind, public rallies of all sorts some of which may include a bloviating Donald Trump and the usual garbage expressions of the uninformed.

They include what Hillary Clinton once called, to the pique of many since she was obviously being flat snooty, the “deplorables”, including the relatively uneducated, many racists and white supremacists, Christian evangelical zealots (like Mike Pompeo and VP Pence) whose ultimate goal seems to be the ignition of the Second Coming of Christ and possibly Armageddon, and others who like nothing more than crowds and slapping each other on the back in some bizarre, orgiastic demonstration of self-righteousness and stupidity. These are also people who could not locate Iran, for example, on a world map if their lives depended on it.

The D side of the equation is different. Here one witnesses the relatively educated crowd of voters with an even clearer agenda backed by craftiness and subterfuge: they support to so-called “Deep State” of embedded apparatchiks, Wall Street, big corporations and related oligarchs whose primary aim is to regain fully the levers of power (lost to a degree in 2016 to Trump and the GOP) and the Presidency and among other narratives the sustenance of continued wars and full support of the military and the Military Industrial Complex.

The R’s candidate, Trump, aside from just being the POTUS, is a threat to the D’s desires in many respects just because he is so unpredictable. Just this month, for examples, the Atlantic magazine published an article written by Jeffrey Goldberg, the Zionist editor who once served as a prison guard in the IDF, alleging that Trump made some comments while in France that essentially claimed that dead the United States soldiers buried there from World War 2 and soldiers in general were “losers” and ignorant, among other things. (Trump avoided the military with allegations of “bone spurs” during the Vietnam War.)

Whether any such comments were actually made is still being disputed, but it’s quite possible they were. And just this month, also, Trump was caught saying that all the United States military brass really cared about was awarding lucrative contracts to the MIC. (And yet Trump loves, hypocrite that he is, any arms sale he can make overseas, especially in the Persian Gulf.)

Trump in fact barely knows what he is going to say next and could say most anything because, quite simply, his sole agenda is and has been himself. He cares almost exclusively for retention of his current job for four more years at least so that he may avoid going to jail for past misdeeds if he loses the election in November. In this respect he’s like his buddy Netanyahu who is trying to avoid trial on multiple charges of corruption.

On the other hand, Trump does have some positive instincts expressed mostly when he was campaigning in 2016: he apparently thinks American aggressions overseas this century has been a waste of money and unproductive even while he has not made good on his campaign promises in 2016 to stop the wars.

Meanwhile, the D’s seem to know exactly what they are about resurrecting the BS about Russian election interference (for one thing) when everyone with knoeledge knows the Zionists and bellicose Neocon allies have for decades now been doing most all the real political “interference” amid both groups.

Neither the D’s nor the R’s leaders really give a damn about average citizens and neither are likely to do what’s necessary to heal the divided union and restore the country’s credibility, unity and health, assuming it ever really existed since the days of John Fitzgerald Kennedy before the Vietnam War. Because if either group did honestly care for the health of the whole, they would have ditched their respective candidates, both of them, and found and put forth real candidates willing to make the sacrifices required to reset the U.S. on a fresh path, however difficult that might be, away from long established mistakes that have driven the country and its “empire” towards wreckage.

Literally, both camps are going to sink the United States further in their own ways, so one can imagine, and neither candidate seems fit for the Presidency.

Biden, for example, has been cited by those who have worked with him as increasingly demented by old age while Trump has been a self-serving megalomaniac and liar most of his life. The United States in sum has never been so bound towards a tragedy of almost unimaginable proportions in coming months and years. And it will be deserved for lack of wisdom.

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