Behind the Protests in Thailand

BY: William Holmes

The protests taking place in Thailand could not be called as a shout out for freedom. This manipulation which is provoking the youth of Thailand are funded by the United States and western countries.

PEJOURNAL – The protests taking place in Thailand could not be called as a shout out for freedom. This manipulation which is provoking the youth of Thailand are funded by the United States and western countries.

Domination of Thailand by the United States and western countries requires the elimination of two essential factors: Buddhism and monarchy government.


Western countries manipulate Buddhism beliefs by representing Thamakai as the sole pattern which eradicates the Buddha beliefs.

They seduced monks in such a way that they would easily commit any type of religious felony. And hence a monk does such crimes people would not hesitate to do so. Western countries seek to tarnish Thai peoples beliefs toward each other by the means of dissension between religions, while all people including Buddhists, Muslims and Christians have lived in peace for a long time without any conflict, But western countries has partially succeeded recently about this issue.

Recently there has been some awkward events, a group of Thamakai Buddhists has disapproved the establishment of mosques and even the inhabitant of the Muslims in Thailand. The main purpose of this action is to ignite a conflict between Buddhists and Muslims same as Myanmar.

Government and existence of the monarch in Thailand

The presence of the monarch represents a strong shield and prevents foreign intervention in the country. While the monarch is still the highest rank of the country, the influence of western countries is almost impossible in the system which is not a good event for western countries and United States in particular.

So let’s review what procedures the United States and western counties have considered.

They have supported a political party in Thailand and has put a person in charge of it who has no beliefs in anything, and has extreme tendencies to western countries appeals, this party has the mission of these two important factor elimination.

This party by the means of influence and targeting students and the youth generation has commenced propaganda against monarchy and by the issue of the matters such as democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of attitude of today’s world and such matters which targets the youth and it could be concluded that they have succeeded in some sorts.

They have provoked the youth by promises as making an alternation in military service, constitution, approval of the marriage of homosexuals and removal of financial issues.

This party has three main members:




This three are the leaders of the upcoming new party, which has the white triangle as the logo.

Mr. THANATHORN formerly was owner of a journal named Fadioken (ฟ้าเดียวกัน), meaning “Same Sky”, which is a thoroughly anti-monarchy journal.

Also in the interview of the book Portrich THANATHORN, he frankly states: after participating in election it would be obvious that how this particular powers function and it must be experienced.

Question: vice presidential is the highest rank before you?

Answer: negative.

Question: if no, are you seeking for a position in government?

Answer: I am looking forward to have the position in order to face…..

Everybody knows that what we know about them is not correct, maybe half-way right, the question is: what to do? 

That’s why I announce, the position must be as high as we can face them.

This attitude contains high volume of hazard for the country. Yes, every country requires the alternation, but the alternation which leads to improve the state of country, not the ones that results the influence and intervene of the foreign countries.

Current ambassador of the United States reacted due to disqualification of THANATHORN under qualification and financial fraud and stated this disqualification totally unfair, while due to protests captured in unusual circumstances of the country, in that case some of the officials of embassy were present at police station.

Also it has been observed that some consults have been followed by the USA demands and eliminating any relationship with China.

Nevertheless the existence of monarchy is similar to a shield which prevents the influence intervene of the foreign countries. Thailand’s monarchy has constantly tried to represent its neutrality and friendship with the other countries, beyond the conflicts existing between countries has attempted to maintain the relationships without interference and conflict.

On the other hand the advantages of the affairs with China has been far more than the ones with the USA, so the USA has to change the system.

The interesting fact is that these three organization has never respected the civil rights of their own people, no action has been taken for black people in the USA but the ones for the Thailand and Hong Kong has been in the center of attention for them.

But fortunately majority of people in Thailand has affection to the monarchy house. The Buddhism has acclimated to live among Muslims and Christians and will not allow the massacre happen as it did in Myanmar. More than four million martyr soldier in Bangkok will not allow these American attitudes annihilate the monarchy of Thailand.

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