Bushehr nuclear power plant connected to Iran national electricity network

PEJOURNAL – Reza Banazadeh stated that for the first time, the operation of replacing annual fuel and periodic repairs of the main equipment of Bushehr nuclear power plant has been carried out by capable specialists of this advanced nuclear center: “The plant was reconnected to the country’s national electricity grid after successful tests.”

This national achievement was achieved by considering the current special conditions and in order to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus in this vital center of the country and to use the necessary measures and health protocols, with the minimal use of the employees of contractors, the activities of fuel exchange and repair of the main equipment of Bushehr nuclear power plant, and after the successful replacement of fuel and related tests, at the same time with the beginning of the peak summer consumption period of the country, on Sunday, July 1, Bushehr nuclear power plant successfully resumed electricity generation and connected to the national electricity grid.

The head of the Bushehr nuclear power plant said that the process of replacing nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants is a very sensitive and complex process, and he added: “This process is discharged each year by skilled Iranian operators using a unique technological technology called the “fuel replacement robot” One-third of the reactor’s core fuel, and after a series of specialized activities, the fuel in the fresh core of the reactor’s heart is loaded and replaced with used fuels.”

He continued: “At this time, due to the importance of taking preventive measures and preventing the outbreak of coronavirus, there were restrictions on the use of the services of domestic and foreign contractors on the Bushehr nuclear power plant site, which by turning this restriction into a valuable opportunity based on the knowledge and and the responsibility of the service personnel of the power plant and based on the precise and codified plans, the periodic preparation and repair of the main equipment of the power plant was done by the capable forces of this huge industrial complex with minimal use of contracting services.”

Referring to the infancy of the nuclear industry in our country, he stated: “Despite the complexities and advanced technology of this nuclear power plant, the nuclear industry experts, especially the staff of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, proved that after acquiring the necessary knowledge and expertise in the field of operation and production of electricity, now they have already gained a special place in the field of maintenance of nuclear facilities, and it is a matter of pride and honor that at the same time as the year of production leaps, after our beloved country is in the club of countries with power reactors, we are now on the path of the club of countries capable of exploiting, repairing and maintaining nuclear power plants.”

The head of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, referring to the importance and special role of this power plant in producing safe and secure electricity, emphasized: “Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant is constantly monitored and controlled by domestic regulatory bodies and international forums, including the country’s nuclear safety system, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the World Association of Nuclear Exploiters.”

He stated: “Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant with the capacity to produce one thousand megawatts of nuclear power was connected to the national electricity grid as the first nuclear power plant of one thousand megawatts in West Asia on 2011, and now, by crossing the 43 billion kilowatt hour of nuclear power generation, in addition to crystallizing the integration of science and industry, along with training and educating experts in this huge industrial university, a special role in providing the country’s energy needs, especially in the southern provinces in the hot and cold seasons of the year.