Competition between Pfizer-Moderna and Covid-19 in the mass massacre of the people of the world!

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

Competition between Pfizer-Moderna and Covid-19 in the mass massacre of the people of the world!

PEJOURNAL – Since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of vaccine production is the most important factor in the fight against this unknown virus has been on the agenda of many claiming countries in the field of health, to the point that competition in it was also drawn to domestic and international political issues of countries.

The main reason for the warming of the tenor of the competition, in addition to the vitality of the story, was the ability to generate power and wealth, which, if realized, could create a special place for the first makers of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The event surrounding vaccine production over the past months, whether it was considered a campaign last advantage in the fight between U.S Democrats and Republicans, and where it became a means of empowering Western countries in the face of their rivals, they are all evidence of this claim.

In this process, like many other global issues in different eras, monopoly takes the lead, and there were needs for this monopoly to be broken by other countries, not only the media space was helped to force such propaganda to prevent the loss of such an important issue, but also assassinated scientists such as Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh, who was at the forefront of this monopoly.

The work escalated to the point that the World Health Organization (WHO) experts repeatedly spoke out against the monopolies, but it also seemed to be an arena for Westerners to amass wealth and humiliate other nations.

However, when westerners lost their media operations, in addition to producing Covid-19 vaccines in non-matched countries, Iran joined to start discovering vaccine, and despite enduring the heaviest sanctions regimes under Trump’s maximum pressure strategy, various knowledge-based groups were able to achieve this.

The final slap in the face of this immoral and arrogant group came at a time when the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, in a courageous act aimed at protecting the life and health of the nation, spoke out against the ban on the import of American and British Covid-19 vaccines.

The widespread wave of ridicule by western media, especially the Persian-language media, against Iran’s ability to produce vaccines clearly showed their nervousness about this, whether it reflected the inefficiency of the anti-human policy of maximum pressure on the world’s public opinion, and all their disciplines were ruined, to humiliate the Iranian people and instill the Islamic Republic’s inability.

It is only a few weeks after these events, on the contrary, the result of all this malice and hypocrisy became the daily headlines of their own media, and news about the casualties caused by “Pfizer” and “Modern” was published every day.

Just look at a few examples of these headlines:

Reuters: Dubai resorted to Chinese Covid-19 vaccine because Pfizer was not welcomed

Business Insider: The Pfizer vaccine has killed about 90 people so far

RussiaToday : California stops Moderna vaccine after many cases of adverse reactions

Guardian: Pfizer vaccine stopped in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan

French media: The wave of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine deaths has reached France

English media: Corona kills 24,000 in UK in one month, morgues overflow