Turkey and improving its relations with Israel

Turkey and improving its relations with Israel

PEJOURNAL – An in-depth review of Turkey’s foreign policy makes it clear that no clear and fixed policy has dominated Turkey’s foreign policy over the past two decades.

During the not too long period, Turkish officials claimed that they were willing to resolve all their tensions with all neighbors, but in practice, not only did they did not reach this issue, but the conflicting interference and behavior of the Turks caused many neighboring countries to have deep tensions with them in various areas, including geographical, political, economic and security areas.

Unfortunately, since Turkey contracted its territory 10 years ago as a base for overthrowing Syria’s political system at the disposal of terrorists, the trend of increasing the dispute between the country and its neighboring countries has increased significantly. Turkey’s recent actions in Greece, Libya and the Caucasus have also fueled the rift and the chaotic trend of Turkish foreign policy and deepened its faults.

For this reason, it can be said that the leaders of Turkey and Erdogan, although they chanted slogans about unity with their neighbors but did not achieve it in practice, as Turkey showed that over the years, it has made slogans and positions against the crimes of the Zionist regime in the region, but experts who are closely familiar with Turkey’s declared policies and actions, it was clear that Turkey was seeking to secure its own interests and these are just slogans.

It was only so that the Turkish government would not tarnish its face with Muslims and the Muslim world, while trying to establish relations with the Zionist regime showed that its slogans were not so reliable.

The issue of revealing relations between Turkey and the usurped and child-killing Zionist regime, which has been published in media and widely reflected in recent days among the public opinion, especially the Islamic world, cannot be seen as far from turkey’s failure in many of the policies it entered into.

Undoubtedly, none of Turkey’s strategies in the West Asian region and Europe have succeeded in accordance with Mr. Erdogan’s will, so that the Turks are seeking to expand their relations with Israel in order to get closer to western powers, especially the United States, so that they can move forward with their own will.

Given the changes and changes that have occurred in the White House and Mr. Biden at the time of the election campaign, Biden has said that I will take Erdogan out of power by the ballot box, certainly Mr. Erdogan is trying to get the hearts of the new boss of the White House to approach himself with the trusted and fond son of the United States, the Zionist regime, so that he may explain his rule in Turkey in the light of this closeness.

It should be noted that the countries at the forefront of the confrontation with the Zionist regime in recent years have observed distortions and fundamental changes in Turkish foreign policy and know that Turkey, as an Islamic country, has rulers who are not inherently opposed to the Zionist regime.

There is a difference in the attitude of the Turkish rulers towards the Zionist regime, in the sense that the majority of the Turkish population opposes and wants to confront the Zionist regime in various ways, especially by participating in the Quds Day march and not dealing with Zionist companies are announcing, but Mr. Erdogan’s government is trying to expand relations and formalize relations. On the other hand, the Resistance Front has never relied on the empty slogans of the Erdogan government to fight against the Zionist regime.

Certainly, the United States and the Zionist regime, in the event of the disclosure of official communications between Turkey and themselves, are trying to exploit this connection to normalize their relations with other Islamic countries. It is important that the course, method and strategy of resistance against the Zionist regime is very clear and with such measures such as normalization of Turkey’s relations with the Zionist regime, the situation of cancerous gland and the dangers of the Zionist regime for the region will never end and will not be lost.