Facebook ignores its users’ misuse of this social network

Facebook ignores its users' misuse of this social network

PEJOURNAL – Internal documents leaked from Facebook show that the company’s researchers were aware of the misuse of users of the social network and ignored this issue.

The documents show that one in eight Facebook users uses Facebook inappropriately, harming their sleep, work, and family and social relationships.

Facebook experts have used the term problematic to describe the condition, but experts generally use the term Internet addiction to describe the condition.

By 2019, Facebook had hired a group on this social network that sought to assess the well-being and comfort of users when using it.
The group came up with ways to prevent problematic use of Facebook, but in the end, Facebook decided to leave the group completely in 2019.

Meta’s vice president of research, Pratiti Raychoudhury, who replaced Facebook, claimed that the media had misinterpreted the results of the research, and that the company was making supportive efforts for better understanding and empower its users.

He added: “Problematic use is not equal to addiction and this company provides services to help people to manage their experiences when using meta programs and services.”

Facebook’s internal documents show that the company knew that the Instagram platform was poisonous for teenage users.
According to Francis Hagen, a Facebook whistleblower in Congress, the social network is internally inefficient and is unlikely to change its behavior without outside regulators.