Hacker group leak secret information of Senior Israeli Intelligence

secret information of Senior Israeli Intelligence

PEJOURNAL – A hacker group called ‘Justice for Palestine’ released confidential information of high-ranking Israeli intelligence and military officials in the cyberspace.

The group, whose mission is said to be “revealing the identities of the Zionist regime’s criminal elements who harm the innocent Palestinian people”, has released first-hand information on the personal and private lives, addresses, telephone numbers and lifestyles of high-ranking Israeli military and security officials in the form of text, photos and videos in Persian on the Telegram channel @ justice_palestine.

The channel, which describes itself as “an international popular network of freedom-seeking and noble supporters of justice, the oppressed and the displaced people of the world”, has so far released first-hand images and information of Head of the Shabak intelligence service Ronen Bar, former Head of the Mossad intelligence service Yossi Cohen, Head of the Israeli Military Intelligence (Aman) Aharon Haliva and other high-ranking Israeli officials and their family members. It has declared that more information will be released soon.

The cyber-group, Justice for Palestine, also aims to introduce these elements to human rights groups around the world and to bring them to justice in international courts as war criminals and human rights violators.

Late last month, a group of hackers had leaked the private details of hundreds of IDF personnel and thousands of teenagers nearing enlistment age online, only a day after posting personal photographs of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, one of which showed the former army chief of staff pretending to milk a statue of a cow.

The group, which calls itself “Moses Staff,” posted the information to the so-called Dark Web, a part of the internet that is not indexed by popular search engines and is thus inaccessible for many users.

In an online post, the hackers claimed that they had Gantz under surveillance, writing: “We know every decision you make and will hit you where you least expect it. We have secret Defense Ministry documents, operational military maps and troop deployment information and will publish your crimes to the world.”