Political Economy Journal: Russia in Libya

Recently, new images of the presence of Russian MiG-29 and Sukhoi-24 fighters at the Al-Jafra Air Base in Libya were released, along with images of the P-18 long-range surveillance radar.

Russia, along with Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, has recently launched a military intervention in Libya in support of General Khalifa Haftar, while Turkey has also supported the national unity government.

Everyone in the world has predicted the decline of the United States, and they are looking to get a bigger part of the global cake in the next world, and in the meantime, the only thing that comes out of the United States is published photos of these countries in areas where previously, it was thought that US domination over them was guaranteed.

Libya has one of the highest quality oil reserves in the world, which is very important for Turkey, and at the same time, having guaranteed military bases in the future of Libya is very important for Russia.