New missions by Washington allies to delay withdrawal from Iraq

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

New missions by Washington allies to delay withdrawal from Iraq

PEJOURNAL – Recent developments in Iraq point to a complex scenario in which Joe Biden, as the former director of the new Middle East project in the Barack Obama administration, is working on a project to “divide West and Southwest Asia” to survive in the region.

The scenario comes as the United States is required by the Iraqi parliament to withdraw its terrorist forces following the assassination of resistance commanders by Donald Trump.

The work plan presented by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the outset. However, it shows that the Pentagon is not serious about leaving West Asia, and although it has set its agenda with a greater focus on China and Russia, it is trying to justify its continued presence by portraying Iraq as insecure.

 In this regard; The US Embassy in Baghdad, with the help of the British, Saudi and UAE embassies, has made a special effort to revive dormant Ba’athist cells and Takfiri terrorists in order to frighten the people and political currents into making it clear that their presence is a prerequisite for stability and security.

The Zionist regime’s traces in Baghdad also reinforce speculation about a dangerous White House scenario, especially since Trump decided to join this regime into the international coalition in the last hours of his tenure. Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, the former speaker of the parliament, said; There is an Israeli embassy in the “shadow” inside the US embassy in Baghdad.

The interview of Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the ousted Iraqi dictator, with the reactionary Arab media, who announced that she would return to Baghdad soon, is a clear example of Biden’s actions in Iraq, along with the widespread movements and psychological warfare of elements affiliated with the Saudi Moderate Center.

On the other hand, the Americans are trying to darken the future and security of Iraq and justify their presence by releasing imprisoned ISIS fighters from the east of the Euphrates and northeastern Syria and transferring these terrorists to different parts of Iraq.

Strengthening the presence of NATO forces is another White House program to maintain its presence in Iraq. In the meantime, the British hit by Brexit, who have always helped Washington in gathering intelligence and divisiveness in Iraq, are set to play a more special role in centralizing Washington’s Middle East missions.

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