Washington; The capital or The barracks?

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

Washington; The capital or The barracks?

PEJOURNAL – Washington DC has become a military barracks on the eve of the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden.

Thousands of troops are currently stationed in the city, and the Pentagon has confirmed that 25,000 troops (equivalent to the number of troops the United States has deployed in South Korea to defend the country) will be deployed to secure the ceremony.

The FBI said there was “alarming evidence” that protesters might clash with police at Biden’s inauguration, stressing the need for a large government presence and that it would monitor calls for armed action until the day of the inauguration.

The incident began ten days ago, when members of Congress gathered in Capital Hill to officially announce the results of the Electoral College vote. A large number of Trump supporters attacked the building and its surroundings and prevented the meeting from taking place.

The attack on the Congress building, the publication of images of which in the world’s media humiliated Americans, provoked many reactions inside and outside the United States, and sparked the process of Trump’s re-impeachment.

The events of the last ten days have been the culmination of the upheaval of this period since the US presidential election, if on the one hand Trump actually went beyond the legal framework and called on his supporters to attack Capitol Hill, and on the other hand the members of Congress They called for the implementation of the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution and the removal of Trump.

In this regard; According to the Associated Press, Secretary of Health Alex Azar wrote in a letter to Donald Trump that the attack on the Congress building was an attack on our democracy and the tradition of peaceful transfer of power that the United States first introduced to the world.

What is happening in the United States right now, especially in its political heart, Washington, DC, is more than anything else a sign of the emptiness that Americans have long portrayed.

Now the question has arisen in the public mind of the world that; How can a country that claims to be the best democracy in the world turn its capital into a military barracks for a normal ceremony of transfer of power for fear of creating a security gap, and at the same time claim to create security in the world?

These incidents are perhaps more of an example for the lowly countries that are still seeking to buy security from the United States.