What Biden hides about Afghanistan

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

PEJOURNAL – US President Joe Biden has said in a speech that China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran are trying to figure out what to do with the Taliban now! Biden’s attempt to confuse these countries, including Iran, with Afghanistan is thought-provoking in several ways:

First; Despite being fully aware of the Taliban’s relationship with Pakistan, Biden has tried to mislead public opinion by putting this country next to Iran, China and Russia in order to accuse the United States of accusing of coordinating with ISI, Pakistan and the Taliban, and also to show the other three countries as the supporter of the Taliban.

Second; The current situation in Afghanistan is the result of 20 years of occupation by the United States and its partners, so Biden wants to hide this fact and get rid of the global accountability by creating an atmosphere and false claims about other countries.

Third; Faced with the scandal of fleeing Afghanistan, Biden is trying to create new issues by reducing the pressure of this scandal and making it difficult for the neighbors and friends of the Afghan people, especially Iran, to resolve the crisis more quickly.

Fourth; The US President seeks to instill confusion in Iran and the Taliban, while Tehran has been taking a clear approach to developments in the country for months, emphasizing the strategy of the Afghan-Afghan dialogue, despite the widespread psychological operations of the hostile media. It has been used to solve low-cost crises.

Fifth; Contrary to the American view, which has complicated the version of civil war for Afghanistan, Iran, with the aim of establishing peace, stability and unity, has clearly pursued the strategy of forming an inclusive government with representatives of all ethnic and religious groups as a demand for the rights of the Afghan people.

According to this, Biden’s recent claims can be seen as a blatant projection to hide a host of problems that the United States and its allies have imposed on Afghanistan, and by plunging the country into civil war, it seeks to prolong these crises and spread them to the region, in order to implement the simultaneous containment of Iran, China and Russia according to the Washington’s foreign policy doctrine of 2022.