Widespread cyber attack on Israeli companies

Widespread cyber attack on Israeli companies

PEJOURNAL – According to the Haaretz newspaper, a hacker group posted the logo of the Israeli company H&M and announced that the company had been hacked. This hacker group has announced its name as “Net Worm”.
According to this report, the logistics company “Veritas” has also been hacked by this group. The group claims that it will release 110 GB of H&M data and 9 GB of Veritas data. An Israeli computer company claims that Iranian hackers are behind the operation.

“We believe this is an Iranian attacker, but he pretends to be a Russian,” said Shay Pinsker of OP Innovate, a cyber defense company in Israel.
Some other Zionist companies also reported cyber attacks and the failure of their computers in the past 48 hours.
Pinsker added that the group had previously carried out attacks on Israeli companies’ computer infrastructure, but has now changed its name. The attacks began on April 18 and appear to be more politically motivated.

Israel is in the midst of a new wave of cyberattacks, with more than 80 companies being targeted by cyber attacks over the past six months, Haaretz reported. At least four companies have been attacked in recent days, and a non-profit organization may have been targeted. These attacks may be a new attack by an Iranian hacker group that has been involved in previous hacks.

In recent months, news sources had also reported a cyber attack on Zionist companies. The Times of Israel website recently reported that officials at Ben Gurion University were the target of a cyber attack.

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