Israel’s fear of escalating cyber attacks

cyber attacks on Israel

PEJOURNAL – The Zionist regime’s national cyber system predicts that, as World Al-Quds Day approaches, anti-Israel elements intend to damage various systems.

The Zionist regime’s national cyber system announced: “Every year, on the occasion of World Al-Quds Day at the end of Ramadan and coinciding with the National Day of Jerusalem in Israel, anti-Israel elements are expected to take concerted action in cyberspace against Israel.”

“This activity is expected to take place around May 7 this year in an attempt to spread propaganda messages to destroy the website and distribute the messages, as well as attacks to produce public echoes,” the group said.

On this day last year, thousands of websites in the Occupied Territories were hacked simultaneously with an attack on a web hosting company. It is estimated that attacks will take place this year as well, causing serious damage not only to websites but also to the information systems of organizations in Israel.

In addition to warnings and recommendations issued by the National Network to organizations, the network has recently developed and distributed a new program to strengthen support for web hosting companies by awarding the same green mark, which is the same standards for protection through competitive incentives.

It has also been developed for storage companies and allows them to quickly detect the presence of web malware available on the Internet, so an organization can remove them before being activated by attackers and prevent damage.

The National Cyber System has repeatedly warned organizations about common real vulnerabilities and asked them to update their security.