The declining movement of the Zionist regime has begun

The declining movement of the Zionist regime has begun

PEJOURNAL – “The declining movement of the Zionist regime has begun.” mentioned by Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution, in the speech regarding to International Quds Day. This speech was broadcast live on the internal and external networks of Radio and Television and the site and accounts of on social networks.

The text of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech is as follows:

In the name of God,

Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, and prayer, and peace be upon our Sayyid Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, and the Most High, the Creator of all, and upon the family of the pure, the Compassionate, and the Companions of the Respondents, and from them follow the good to the Day of Religion.

Palestine; The most important and living issue of the Islamic Ummah

The issue of Palestine is still the most important and living common issue of the Islamic Ummah. The policies of the tyrannical capitalist system have cut off the hand of a nation from its home, from its ancestral homeland, and in it, it has established a terrorist regime with non-ethnic people.

The logic of the establishment of the Zionist regime

What is weaker and more baseless than the empty logic of the establishment of the Zionist regime? The Europeans allegedly oppressed the Jews during World War II, so the Jews must be avenged by displacing a nation in West Asia and committing atrocities there.
This is the logic on which the Western governments have relied, with their unwavering and insane support for the Zionist regime, and thus have falsified all their false claims about human rights and democracy, and this funny and crying story has been going on for more than seventy years and every now and then more leaves are added to it.

Fighting the Zionist regime is a public duty

The Zionist regime has turned occupied Palestine into a base of terrorism from day one. Israel is not a country, but a terrorist garrison against the Palestinian people and other Muslim nations. The fight against this wretched regime is the fight against oppression and the fight against terrorism; and this is a public duty.

Weakness and division in the Islamic Ummah pave the way for the usurpation of Palestine

It is noteworthy that although the usurper government was established in 1948, the preparations for reaching this critical point in the Islamic region began many years earlier. These years coincide with the active intervention of the West in Islamic countries to rule secularism, and extremist and blind nationalism, and to bring to power authoritarian governments, fascinated or manipulated by the West.

A study of the events of those years in Iran and Turkey and the Arab countries of West Asia to North Africa reveals the bitter truth that weakness and division in the Muslim Ummah paved the way for the catastrophic catastrophe of the usurpation of Palestine and this arrogant world hit the Islamic Ummah.
The West and the East Alliance with the Zionist Capitalists on the Occupation of Palestine

It is instructive that at that time, both the camps of capitalism and communism were united with the Zionist Korahs; Britain plotted and pursued the conspiracy, the Zionist capitalists carried it out with money and weapons, and the Soviet Union was the first government to formalize the establishment of the illegitimate state and send large numbers of Jews there. The usurping regime was the product of that situation in the Islamic world on the one hand, and this conspiracy and European aggression on the other.

Changing the balance of power in the current world in favor of the Islamic world

Today the world is no longer what it used to be; we must always keep this fact in mind. Today, the balance of power has shifted in favor of the Islamic world. Various political and social events in Europe and the United States exposed the deep structural, managerial, and moral weaknesses of the West to the world. Election cases in the United States and the scandalous test of their arrogant and arrogant leaders, as well as the failed one-year confrontation with the coronation in the United States and Europe and its embarrassing fringes, and the recent political and social turmoil in Europe’s most important countries are all signs of Western decline.

On the other hand, the growth of resistance forces in the most sensitive Islamic regions, the growth of their defensive and offensive capabilities, the growth of self-awareness and motivation and hope in Muslim nations, the growth of Islamic and Qur’anic slogans, the growth of science, the growth of independence and self-reliance in nations are blessed signs. Which promises a better future.

The need for the unification of Muslim countries on the axis of Palestine and Holy Quds

In this blessed future, the augmentation of Muslim countries must be a major goal, and this does not seem far off. At the heart of this increase is the issue of Palestine, which means the whole country, and the fate of the Holy Quds. This is the truth that led the enlightened heart of the great Imam Khomeini (may God have mercy on him) to announce the International Day of Quds on the last Friday of Ramadan.

The rise of Muslims along the axis of Holy Quds is the nightmare of the Zionist enemy and its American and European supporters. The failed plan of the “deal of the century” and then the attempt to normalize the relations of several weak Arab states with the usurping regime are desperate attempts to escape that nightmare. I say firmly: these efforts will not succeed; The downward and declining movement of the Zionist enemy regime has begun and will not stop.

Final factors for the future: Continued resistance in the occupied territories and global Muslim support for the Palestinian Mujahideen

Two important factors determine the future: first – and most importantly – the continuation of resistance within the Palestinian territories and the strengthening of the line of jihad and martyrdom, and second, the global support of Muslim states and nations around the world for the Palestinian Mujahideen.

All of us – statesmen, intellectuals, religious scholars, parties and groups, zealous youth and others – must find our place in this global movement and play a role.

The Supreme Leader of Iran then issued a statement in Arabic, which is translated as follows:
I would like to speak a little to the Arab youth in their own language:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Greetings to all the Arab freedmen, especially the youth, and greetings to the resilient people of Palestine and Al-Quds and their relatives in Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Greetings to the martyrs of the resistance and the great number of Mujahideen who have sacrificed their lives in this way; Especially the martyrs Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and the martyr Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, and the martyrs Fathi Shaqaqi and the martyr Emad Mughniyeh and the martyr Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi and the martyr Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes and finally the prominent figure of the martyrs of the resistance, Martyr Qassem Soleimani. They left something important in the environment of resistance.

The struggle of the Palestinians and the pure blood of the martyrs of the resistance has been able to raise this blessed flag and increase the inner strength of the Palestinian jihad hundreds of times; One day, a young Palestinian man defended himself by throwing a stone, and today he responds to the enemy by firing a missile.

Palestine and Quds are called “Holy Land” in the Qur’an. For decades, this pure land has been occupied by the most impure and evil human beings; Demons who kill honorable people with dust and blood and then shamelessly confess to it. The racists who have tormented the landlords with murder, looting, imprisonment and torture for more than seventy years, but, thankfully, have not been able to subdue their will.

Palestine is alive and continuing the jihad, and with God’s help, it will finally be able to defeat the evil enemy. Holy Quds and all Palestine belong to its people and will return to them, Insha’allah; and this is not difficult for God.
In the case of Palestine, all Muslim states and nations have duties and responsibilities, but the focus of their struggle is the Palestinians themselves, who today number about fourteen million inside and outside the country. The unity and determination of this group will be able to do a great job. Today, unity is the greatest weapon of the Palestinians.

The enemies of Palestinian unity are the Zionist regime and the United States and some other political powers, but if the Palestinian community is not disintegrated from within, the external enemies will not be able to do anything. The axis of this unity must be internal jihad and distrust of the enemies. The main enemy of the Palestinians, namely the United States and Britain, and the evil Zionists, should not be the basis of Palestinian politics.

The Palestinians – whether in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank, in the territories of 1948 or even in the camps – all form a unit and must pursue a strategy of cohesion; each section must defend the other sections and use the tools at its disposal when pressing them.

The hope of victory is greater today than ever; The balance of power has shifted dramatically in favor of the Palestinians; The Zionist enemy has become weaker year by year; Calling itself an “army that will never be defeated,” its army has become an army that “will not see the color of victory” today, after 33 days of experience in Lebanon and 22 days and 8 days in Gaza. Its political situation, which inevitably results in four elections in two years, its security situation, which has consistently failed, and the growing desire of Jews to reverse emigration have been the subject of a scandalous scandal.

The continued US-assisted attempt to normalize with several Arab countries is another sign of the regime’s weakness; and, of course this will not help him. Established relations with Egypt decades ago; Since then, the Zionist regime has become much more vulnerable and weak; however, will relations with a few weak and humble countries be able to help him? Of course, those countries will not benefit from this relationship either; The Zionist enemy will seize their property or land and spread corruption and insecurity among them.