The UAE and the Israel; Two decades of cooperation

PEJOURNAL – The series of events and developments in the last two decades in the UAE show that this government has sought to normalize relations with the Israeli regime and during this time has tried to involve its allies in this field.

The UAE did not even wait for the Zionist regime to agree to the Arab leaders’ peace plan at the Beirut summit, and began its relations with the regime in this direction, which accelerated with the beginning of the coronation of “Mohammad Benzayed”.

The first official visit of Zionist officials to the UAE took place in 2003, when the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with the Governor of the Central Bank, Yossi Klein, attended the International Monetary Fund conference in the UAE and this was the beginning of numerous Zionist trips to the UAE.

With the formation of the Arab revolutions, the UAE played a negative role towards it and at the same time increased the intensity of cooperation with the Zionist regime.

Security cooperation:

With the onset of the Arab revolutions, cooperation between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi on security issues increased to the point that military-security agreements were concluded between them.

Of course, this cooperation also existed before the Arab Spring, as Yossi Milliman reported in the Haaretz newspaper on September 18, 2008 in a report on the signing of a multimillion-dollar agreement between the UAE and the Israeli company ATG, which is registered in Switzerland.

The company is owned by a Zionist named Mati Koukhafi, who ousted hiring dozens of Israeli soldiers and security personnel from Mossad, Shabak and the regime’s army, including former Zionist Air Force commander Ethan bin Elijah and former chairman of the National Security Council Ghiura Island.

The British website Middle East Eye also published more information about the agreement in February 2012, which showed that the Emirati government had bought a lot of spy and surveillance equipment, especially in the field of monitoring oil centers. In 2015, the UAE also purchased iron dome equipment from Israel.

During this period, the UAE government and the Zionist regime, under the guise of common interests, also had common goals such as Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood on their agenda.

Public diplomatic relations and agreements:

The inauguration of the Israeli diplomatic headquarters at the International Renewable Energy Organization in 2015, as well as the frequent visits of the Minister of Energy and Zionist Ministers of Sports “Ufal Stainets”, Culture and Foreign Affairs to the UAE are among the practical steps to increase the UAE’s diplomatic relations with Israel.

Other steps to normalize relations include a meeting between the UAE ambassador Al-Atiba and Bahraini ambassador Abdullah Al Khalifa to Netanyahu in 2018 at a restaurant in Washington. Al-Atiba was also present with Netanyahu in the United States at the announcement of the deal of the century by Trump.

Another sign that reveals the depth of relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime is the emphasis of the UAE and Zionist officials, including Netanyahu, on the horizons of joint cooperation between them.

Recently, in an interview, the head of Mossad announced the sending of 100,000 corona recognition kits by an Arab country to Israel, which ultimately revealed that the UAE was the sender of the shipment.

Several agreements have been signed between Israel and the UAE in recent years. The last case was on June 25 this year in the field of science and the fight against Corona. Other examples of such an agreements include the cooperation agreement between the Zionist regime’s aviation industry and the Group of 42 Emirates on July 2, 2020, which the Zionist authorities referred to as a historic agreement.

In order to gain power in the world, the UAE seeks to increase ties with the United States, especially during the Trump presidency, as well as with the Zionist regime, but this has so far failed to improve the UAE’s image, such as entering the war with Yemen in a coalition with The Saudi regime has now become a serious problem for the UAE.

These days, the secret relations between the UAE and Israel, despite the meetings of the UAE ambassador with Netanyahu and the tweets of the UAE Foreign Minister, have entered a public phase, which is being carried out by betraying the Palestinian Goals.

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